Optimize blog for high paying keywords

What is a keyword? What are high paying keywords? Keyword is what a searcher keys while searching for desired result. Keyword is very important for bloggers, searchers or visitors and blogs to earn more revenue from their websites. High paying keywords as the name implies are keywords that yields more money for publishers through sponsored … Read more

Looking for quality speakers? Read the page

Looking for class one speakers? If ‘yes’ is your answer you have come to right page. Woodwind and Brosswind is serving musicians from years with their service  supplying quality musical instruments Among many musical instruments from flutists to tuba players and many kinds of musicians like violinists. More than a million colleges and educational institutes are … Read more

4 Human Imaginations Turning into Futuristic Realities

Human Imaginations knew no bounds – Futuristic realities are present Imaginations: Human imaginations out beat other living being with two distinct qualities human intelligence  and power to express and execute. The imaginative human brain stretched its tentacles beyond the living globe to universe and galaxies. From the days of Newton who did not eat the apple fallen … Read more

Cloud Computing Explained in 5 Steps for Beginners

What is cloud Computing?Why Cloud Computing? Sharing computer resources without owing them and thus saving overheads is cloud computing. Computer resources are networks, servers, storage, applications and hosting services. All computer giants define cloud computing as sharing resources. IBM define cloud computing as  “the cloud,” which supplies computer resources on demand. The price depends on demand and supply … Read more

Web Security Essentials Present Scenario

What is web security?  Security at every stage of you web application from hacker attacks, vulnerabilities and threats is called web security. Web Security covers security at multiple levels, network, host, application. Web security is beyond security at  application and website level. It is just not safe guarding credit card information from hackers malicious intentions to steal your … Read more

Different Gifts for all Occasions – Unique – Uncommon

Think of different gifts for near and dear – uncommon and unique Offering gifts for an occasion is common around the world. The occasion may be a birthday, special occasions like father’s day, mother’s day. public festivals like independence day, religious occasions like Christmas, a promotion in employment, bon-voyage and many to name. In the … Read more

Indian Blogger Inspires Blogging Community Since Decade

One Indian blogger a great Inspiration to me and great motivation  to many Amit Aggarwal, the well known buzz word in the blogging community since long is an Indian blogger.. As a fellow  Indian, I am proud to write a blog post about this icon blogger.  Needless to say that he is a professional tech. … Read more

Page Speed Improves Overall Performance On SERP Results

Concentrating only on improving page speed will kill website look and user experience if wrong plugin chosen Page speed is content loading time on to the browser of the visitor. Google in their web masters central blog indicated that site speed or page speed improves page rank position in search results and search engine optimization … Read more