dreaming facts unfolded – complicated brain function

Dreaming facts – Is dreaming natural or complicated  or simple as dreaming itself  I was reading a blog post on recommended sleep schedules for children in live science, It suddenly reminded me of  funny things that happen to me when I sleep. I sleep well, at least 9 hours during night ( I do not know … Read more

New tech news attract everyone’s attention

New tech news everyday is an inspiration to technocrats  Wireless storage: Local storage on drives is old fashion when you have limited data to be stored and retrieved. New tech news on gadgets meet all requirements of freeing local disk space, mobility of data to different places and using hi-fi technology. A new  wireless USB thumb drives … Read more

Guest Posting is not easy as people talk about

Guest posting is not an open invitation – Hard to become a contributor in established websites or blogs Guest posting is not a cake walk since many websites simply do not accept an author. They do not accept Guest posts from some one because it is a matter of their blog or website’s reputation in question? Unless the guest … Read more

One Indian blogger is always an Inspiration? 10 reasons – why?

Indian blogger that took Indian blogging to the next levels in blog sphere Out of thousands of bloggers in India, few bloggers are successful and few are inspirational. I do not know why I am always inspired by one name Amit Aggarwal, an Indian blogger.. He made a name for India in blogging community. It … Read more

Web Security Essentials – Present Scenario

What are web security essentials? What is web security? Web security essentials include data security of websites against hacking, data steals and corruption. Web security essentials addresses  both internal and public. If you have no financial value in your website, your website is  relatively secure. If you use few network resources, your website is secured. If your … Read more

Cloud computing explained in 5 simple steps for beginners

Cloud computing Explained – What was before cloud computing? Why cloud computing? Cloud computing explained as  sharing the resources through the Internet instead of installing them at the client’s place. Normally every company have their computer network with installed software to meet their need. As the company grows the demand grows for new software, hardware … Read more

Tech. news around the world from tech. blogs

Google Home  (the  tiny little speaker)  is the hot tech. news in tech world Latest tech. news is on Google home, the speakers have an edge over its competitor Amazon Echo. fits in the hand and thus compact. The bottom of Google home comes with different colors contrary to its competitor amazon’s echo. Virtual assistant from … Read more

Adult Education – Back to College is a Fundamental Right

Adult Education is a lifetime opportunity to illiterates and skill development program for literates Back to college is also called adult education. Adult education is a one time opportunity to make up the education losses in their education career. Many are deprived of education in early days because of many reasons – Financial disability, social and cultural … Read more

Web design became one man show with multi functional themes

How web design transformed from group activity to one man show? What are essential qualities to become a web designer? In my profile on many websites I mentioned that I am a web designer. Web designing is not a one man show. It is a group activity because it require special skills. One man having all … Read more

Cozy winters is accredited by BBB business review

Before going for Cozy winter products look at the accreditation by BBB business  Cozy winters are an accredited BBB business since 2014. Cozy winters are all about top quality and unique winter products. Cozy winters respect clients business. They ship the product fast and offer great prices. Their customer service team is value based and … Read more