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Earning through blogging is a cake walk for high traffic blogs or websites

The Internet is an amazing source of income and a treasure land. They are many ways to earn on the internet. Aspirant people choose to blog to earn money apart from their passion for blogging. Is it not true? There are exceptions. Few love to share their ideas, knowledge through blog posts. Few others have a passion for blogging. Ultimately if the content of the blog has value and is useful to visitors, it starts earning no matter what the intention is. Valuable blogs get huge traffic making the blog a ‘cash cow’

There are many ways to earn passive income through blogging. There are famous bloggers that earn a six-figure income through blogging. Among many of the earning avenues through blogging the following are worth a mention

Advertising: Direct or indirect advertising

Allowing space on the blog posts either on the header or sidebars or bottom widgets and making an appeal to advertisers to place an advertisement on a fixed price. If the page content gets high traffic and advertisers are satisfied with the traffic flow they will buy the space on your blog.

As a content publisher, apply for advertising networks like Adsense. AdSense is a popular network for publishers. Google AdSense once approve your blog to publish their ads, it is all set for passive income. There are many success stories from AdSense publishers. There are many other ad networks that offer similar advertisement programs.

Affiliate programs: Most popular to earn study income. Companies like Amazon offer affiliate or referrer staus to a publisher that owns a blog or website to promote their products or services. They offer percentage commission for each purchase through the referral link.

Forex Trading: This is a wonderful earning opportunity on the internet to earn money either through affiliate links of a Forex trading company or through direct trading. Earn money without a blog or website. If you a wiz in finance, have patience and controlled emotion this is the right choice to earn money on the internet.

Creating apps: The most advanced way to earn money online. There are tremendous requirements for apps in mobile, browser world. As technology grew, the requirement for new features grows. This is where apps come to limelight.