Why Google Will not Accept Adsense Request so Easily?

What – Why – How of AdSense?

AdSense is a powerful ad serving system by Google. Every website or blog publisher wishes to have a AdSense account. I guess Google have chosen this name because AdSense servers ‘sensible ads’ relevant to the website content for greatest benefits to advertiser and publisher.

Why AdSense?

AdSense do not easily accept publishers AdSense application.They have very stringent policies and guidance and a lengthy approval process. Lot of publishers get disappointed with AdSense approval process but still they keep trying to get an account. I tried to get the approval since years. It is because AdSense truly serve content related ads and they have millions of advertisers in their network. They have many ad styles that suits any theme design and content. The conversion rate is very high compared to any other ad serving network. They keep guard of the advertisers interest and at the same time try to optimize publishers revenue. That is why every website or blog owner love to have an account.

Misconceptions about AdSense Account

Many have misconceptions about AdSense approval process. Many feel that AdSense

  1. will not approve health related topics unless the owner is himself a medical professional.
  2. do not accept Forex content nor affiliate content.
  3. do not  approve AdSense application from certain countries.

If they do not accept health, affiliate, travel, Forex,music what else they will accept is a billion dollar question. I have faced this situation myself. A careful analysis of the principles and policy guide lines brushes away all those misconceptions. The main aim of AdSense ad serving system is to safeguard advertisers interest. After all they pay for advertisements and Google does not want publisher to misuse advertisers investment. Google wants both advertisers and publishers should get benefited. 

It is true that AdSense will approve all approval requests and especially if  

  • the content is poorly designed,
  • If the content have no value added benefits to the visitors.
  • If the content is a copy from other prominent websites.
  • If the content is not ever green to attract visitors.  

They may have country specific guidelines ( such as, for Indian applicants the AdSense will not  approve, if the website or blog is 6 months old ) and that may sometimes delay the approval process. If the contest is top notch they approve immediately. There is no hard and fast rule for AdSense approval. The approval will be purely on quality of the content. If AdSense feels that if the content is useful to visitors, they will approve the application quickly.  Otherwise they will never accept the  application 

  • if the content is below standard and useless to the visitors.
  • if the website only promotes affiliate links without value added information attached to the link.

not otherwise.

AdSense did not approve my request times. Initially I was very much disappointed and later understood the pitfalls in my blog.  I concentrated on my mistakes and revamped my blog with lot of value added information through my blog posts. The magic worked.

How do publishers misuse AdSense account?

Not all but few publishers misuse the approved account in many ways

  • The may make the ad code in unauthorised places on their website or blog as demonstrated below


More about places you should not add AdSense ads at google Adsense help

Though not all but few publishers misuse the account by encouraging invalid clicks, offering compensations for clicks, asking friends and relatives to click on ads and so on. These actions amount to spamming and google take care with all their experience and ability.