Blogger Vs Writer – Read This Article and Decide Your Cherished Goal

Blogger Vs Writer is a difficult decision to make 

Without proper understanding the two terms blogging and writing, it is not possible to decide whether to become a blogger or writer. They have their own aims, motivations, values and expectations.

All bloggers are not good writers and the reverse is not true. The bloggers and the writers have different motivations and different skill sets.  Their goals and goals are different. A writer can become a blogger but not otherwise. Writing is a passion and blogging is a hobby.

Successful bloggers are not  good writers says Mark Manson, in Quora in an article on ‘tips to new bloggers‘. To him

A lot of bloggers, even successful bloggers, are shitty writers.

A great percentage of bloggers aim at making money through their blog and in reality they do not. Their writing skills will vanish the moment they try to monetize the blog.

How to become a writer?

Unless you have a burning passion and writing skills you can become a writer and get established. To become a good writer you should have the following qualities

  • You should be a voracious reader

A good reader can become a good writer. Your writing skills develop when you start reading books, magazines of established writers like 

 blogger vs writer

  • learn their style till the time you develop your own. Follow the style but not content.

There is noting wrong if you follow the writing style of your adored writers. You will fond catchy words and phrases which represents a writer. Writers can be identified they way they construct sentences and the style.

  •  Write at least 100 articles before you publish.

Proof read many times for spell errors and typo errors before publishing. Organised and well-informed writing will have no dearth for visitors

Objectives of a writer

A writer is not interested in promoting a business or product nor interested in earning residual income through advertisements. The concentration is to get more readership  and more subscriptions. Once your dear and near accepts you as a writer, they promote you to their family and circle of friends to friends, his readership grows to public. A writer will have regular hungry readers waiting for the new releases from the author. Lot of hard work go into becoming a writer. The money a writer earns is many folded when compared to a blogger. 

How to become a blogger?

To become a blogger one really should enjoy blogging. The other reason to become a blogger is to promote your own company or product or promote products through affiliate channels for earning. Bloggers need not be good writers. A blogger become popular because he supplies solutions for problems, like offering tips to new bloggers, giving solution on blogging platforms. The bloggers that offer solutions become popular to other blogger who offer content. A great writer decides to become a blogger it is easy than inexperienced writer. 

blogger vs writer

Objectives of a blogger

A blogger will have either one of the goals. He loves blogging or would like ti promote his business through his blog. A blogger normally concentrates on business and follows market trends to design his blog.

To end: Both a blogger or writer should work hard, try at least 10000 words of content written and tested for possible errors before publishing. Populate the content among friends and family before going public. If he gets an appreciation among his own circles, possibly the public accept him.  Write useful content , well articulated. Understand the needs of the visitors and offer the solutions to them – You are recognised as a writer.