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Can students avoid sky-high training programs and confine to self-study for career exams? An Ever Green Topic

Yes  is the answer. The training institutes just give a stimulus environment for the students and if you create the same condition at home there is no need to approach training institutes for special coaching.

Varun Ranjan, Indian Administrative Services, says in Quora that 

If you can manage to sit and study resisting all  temptations, then  rest assured, everything else can be taken care of.

What is Stimulus Environment?

Environment that stimulates a person to get addicted to a piece of work or to a particular place or instance. For example, in a training or coaching institute the environment is well suited for group study and the gathering is only students. All students have a fixed timetable in a coaching institute and time and again the program is repetitive in those coaching institutes.  This creates a positive environment stimuli. 

How to create a study environment at home?

A study environment that out-beats a coaching institutes model is possible when

  • like-minded people appearing for competitive exams join together as a group
  • create a separate study zone with study material and environment
  • pull out all possible links to successful people
  • prepare a plan of action like time tables, schedules
Advantages of self preparation or self-study
  • You can have freedom of time. You can schedule your own schedules and time tables
  • You can save a lot of time travelling between coaching centre and home
  • If you are self motivated, confident and determined self-study is the best choice.
Advantages with coaching centres
  •  you have like-minded people to share your ideas
  • you have experienced experts at your place to clarify doubts
  • The environment is fit for career exam study

The advise is there are many who came out victoriously in career exam without attending coaching centres. The choice is yours.

References as given in Hindu

Classic IAS Academy, New Delhi: If you are willing to take an admission in this academy, you have to appear for a 20-minute Screening Test/ Counselling Session before taking the admission. Through this process, they detect your potential so that they can guide you according to your level. For further details, please visit http://www.classiciasacademy.com/

Geographia, New Delhi. For further details, please visit www.geographia.in

ETEN IAS Academy, New Delhi. For further details, please visit www.etenias.com

Royal IAS Academy, New Delhi. For further details, please visit www.royalias.com

Some of the institutes offering Civil Services Examination in Hyderabad are:

Analog IAS Institute, Hyderabad. For further details, please visit www.analogeducation.in

Some of the institutes offering Civil Services Examination in Chennai are:

Indian IAS Academy, Chennai. For further details, please visit www.indianiasacademy.com

Success IAS Academy, Chennai. You will be given discounts in the fee structure based on the tests conducted at the academy.

If you want to take counselling before taking admission, you need to take prior appointments. For further details, please visit www.successiasacademy.com

I consider student related topics as ever green topics because every year there will be new students aspiring for career exams and seek help for similar issues. Hence this is an ever green topic

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