Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Website or Blog

Tips for Search  Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is preparing the website or blog to get number one place in the search results for any keyword . It is a constant try of all webmaster to get a decent place on the internet through search engine optimization techniques. Search engine optimization is also called SEO techniques involve a thorough research and understanding of search engine methods of  indexing websites and ranking them. Many search engines have their own simple to complex algorithm  to decide the ranking . We may not know the exact method of choice but the thumb rule is ‘Have Good Relevant Content and related Keywords and You are Done’

search engine optimization

What are  Search Engine Optimization Techniques?

There are many techniques to optimize a website to search engines. We explain some of those techniques here.

  • Content

Contest is of top most priority for search engine optimization. Remember to develop original relevant content. Avoid duplicate content or repeat content. Give value added content to the visitor. The content must adhere to proper grammar and spellings.  Your content must attract unique visitors and repeat visitors. Highlight links. Bookmark relevant titles in a page

  • Keywords

Keywords, key phrases or long tail keywords are  the only means to get desired search results. Keywords are important for both for website and to visitors. Website designers should take care to have keywords or catchy words in their page content for search engine optimization without keyword dump in the content. Best keyword choice is choosing the domain name with the  with the Keyword. Apart from domain name the anchor text,  title tag, description and first few lines of the content in a webpage should contain the keyword.

  • Meta Tags

Search engines will gather information through ‘meta tags’. Meta tag is a small  html code and useful to search engines and will not be displayed on the website. Search engines look for the content in the meta tag to know details like your site aims, motives, the author and how you want the search engine to check your content.

  • Anchor Text

Anchor text is the word or words you click for a hyperlink in your website. Example health care info is a hyperlink text here which takes you to healthcare info page of this website. Use proper keyword that is to be promoted as  anchor text.

  • Back Links

Back links are backbone to your website. More and more popular and high-ranking back links to your website will improve your website visibility for query or keywords  words that visitors searches for.

  • Domain Name

If you can select a domain name as your website content with most relevant keyword, it helps a lot in search engine optimization. Example if your site is all about hypertension you better have a domain name registered in the same name or name related to it.