Digital Marketing Trends Taking the World by Storm

digital marketing trends
Digital Marketing Trends

Every business wants to gain an edge on their competitors, and with the use of technology, the battle has become more real than during any other time in history. Every year new methods are created to take advantage of the digital age, and marketers are making use of the emerging technologies to help them create a broader market with more control in their field. Here are three digital marketing trends taking the world by storm.

1. Micro-Moments

As the human race becomes more micro-moment focused, marketers and data collectors are finding themselves able to leverage these moments and use them to create an intent-filled action that ends in an instant decision. Eyal Gutentag suggests that marketing is changing in rapidly undiscovered ways. Micro-moments are part of that change.

2. Voice Search

The use of voice searches has risen dramatically as the population becomes acclimated to requesting AI help with searches. Top brands are spreading the availability of voice search options with the inclusion of bigger and better assistants. Also, the voice assistant devices are becoming more affordable, making their use more appealing to a wider audience of consumers. Marketers are now trying to learn how to interact with shoppers that ask for multiple items or details in one query.

3. Augmented Reality

Marketers love the augmented reality application ads. As one of the major marketing applications, it can allow the real-world experience to enter into unreal environments. Consumers find excitement in becoming involved in the product, trying it on, changing colors, etc. Improving customer experience can also allow marketers to create brand awareness. Although it is not a new trend, new technology is allowing the old reality to become a new, bolder experience that customers are enjoying.

Marketing trends will continue to evolve as consumers become more vocal in their demands for newer ways to interact with products, better purchase options, and easier shopping experiences. It will be exciting to see what the coming year brings in new marketing technology.