Effective Ways to Manage Back Pain

There are many reasons you may be struggling with chronic back pain. Extended time driving, poor posture habits, long work days and even old injuries could cause back pain to flare up on a regular basis. However, there are more ways to effectively manage it than through medication alone. If you’re looking for relief, here are three ways to combat your back pain.

Start With Professional Evaluation and Treatment

It’s important to rule out underlying conditions that may lead to new or worsening back pain. In addition, a professional treatment can provide some much-needed relief and have a more significant impact on your body’s current state. Schedule a deep tissue massage brandon fl and consider booking an appointment with a chiropractor to make sure your body is properly aligned. It may be best to schedule regular treatment until your pain becomes less severe.

Stretch and Move Every Day

Low-impact exercise can help keep blood flowing throughout your body and promotes flexibility. It also encourages the removal of toxins and helps prevent disease. In addition to exercising on a regular basis, make sure you’re stretching your back every day. Use a foam roller or yoga to safely and effectively release tension and improve alignment at home.

Get the Support You Need

If back pain is a persistent issue, consider making some changes in your home to promote supportive sitting and sleep. Use a firm chair with a high back support to prevent strain while sitting. Invest in a new mattress or mattress topper to make sure you’re sleeping soundly in a proper position. You may also want to consider a device to wear during the day to help promote better posture and position, such as a brace or posture correction harness.

Chronic back pain can be miserable. However, with proper care and treatment, you can manage your symptoms for a more enjoyable life.