Yoga and Meditation Integrates Body Mind and Soul

Yoga and meditation keeps body fit and healthy

From  ancient ages it is believed that yoga and meditation are  great tools to keep a body healthy, wealthy and wise. Common sense tells that a healthy person will have healthy mind and no scientific proofs are required to confirm this fact.

Yoga and meditation in ancient ages

Yoga and meditation have deep routed history in Indian religion. Great guru’s of Indian philosophy preached and practiced yoga and meditation to spread peace and tranquility. Yoga and meditation practices are found in many countries and all religions believe in the benefits of these practices.

According to Hindu religion yoga is  four types. Bhakti Yoga, Gnana Yoga, Raja Yoga and Hatha yoga

yoga and Meditation
yoga and Meditation Unites Body – Mind – Soul

Bhkti Yoga

Bhakthi yoga is the highest form of yoga path followed by great rishis and bhaktas in Hindu philosophy.  Naradha  is the manasa putra (son) of Lord Brhma (the creator in Hindu religion) is the greastest bhakta of Lord Vishnu, moves around the visible and invisible worlds day and night propagating the message of Lord and yogic discipline.  Tukaram also called as sant Tukaram was a Marati poet a Hindu spiritual guru.  Depressed  and disgusted with the family life  with the torture from the second wife and subsequent failure in the spiritual path decided to commit suicide One night he was awakened by a dream where he saw Babaji Chaitanya who initiated him into the spiritual path. That particular moment changed his destiny and he started his journey as one of the best poet saints of the country. (Read more at Meera bai, a Rajaput princes born in the year 1498 and a devotee of Lord Krishna. MiraBai bhakthi is prema (love) to Lord krishna in it’s spiritual sense. All these great sinless souls will fall in Bhakthi yoga sect singing God’s songs, always chanting and spreading the message of God among masses. Bhakthi is the the backbone principles of this yoga. Every worldly action is devoted to God in this yoga practice. This kind of yoga practice is easy and all can follow without straining the physical body and without rituals. Follow other ancient Hindu yoga cults in the other articles.