Four Common Problems in Managing Seniors

Managing Seniors – Child Like Behavior

Seniors are like children. They are more subtle than children. It is easy to manage children because they are tender, immature and like clay that can be molded in any shape we like. Seniors on the other hand are matured and have lots of real time life experiences. They have an ego feeling  and always wishes that their children should hear them simply because they are seniors. It is very difficult to convince them about the differences on opinions between them and their children.

Seniors are adamant and get hurt easily – Managing Seniors

Because of their age they are adamant on their decisions even if they are wrong. Their ego will not allow them to accept truth easily. They have their own strong ideas and  they want others to follow them. They cannot co pup  with the dynamic changes in society and living style and cannot get adjusted to.

managing seniors
Seniors Expectations are different

 Seniors will not compromise on changing family customs

This situation normally seen in a section ( Brahmin community)of Hindu religion. There will be lot of difference between generations from 1900 to 2000. The aged females will follow lots of rituals in the house and it is not followed by their children or grand children because of changed environment. Under these circumstances it is very difficult to manage seniors. There will be frequent rupture between children and seniors.

Mismatch between  mind and body

Seniors will have a mismatch between their physical and mental activities. There mind will be active as if they are teen aged and physical body will not respond or Vice versa.  If the seniors still are driving their physical reflexes will not match their active brain signals or otherwise causing accidents.

Apart from these common problems they have other issues like health hazards, financial imbalances, loneliness, depression which are to be addressed to.  However difficult it is to manage seniors it is our moral responsibility to look after them and give them proper care, love and attention.  We should remember that we are their off shoots and we owe them for many things.

More social issues in managing seniors