Hereditary Health Issues in Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Worry about Hereditary Health Issues like Diabetes and Hypertension

There are thousands of genetic disorders transmitting genetic disease from top generations to descending generations. We normally refer to diabetes and hypertension as hereditary health issues. High cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, sleeplessness, depression, depression may be other health disorders in senior citizens which are to be carefully addressed to. Diabetes and hypertension if not identified and treated may lead to kidney failure, heart attack, brain stoke. Other health issues includes normal decay of bones leading to irrevocable bone fractures. 

hereditary health issues
hereditary health issues in senior citizens

Most Common Diseases and Hereditary Health Issues

Hypertension and diabetes are considered common hereditary disease and seniors have to live with it. There are instances of seniors who are living with these diseases and still maintaining good health. Low salt diet and controlled sugar intake and healthy food habits will keep a check on diabetes and hypertension. But the problem with seniors is their passing age and increased desires. They always fear that they can not eat sweets and they are loosing their precious life without the pleasures for spicy food. All spicy food will contain lots of oil, salt and pepper. Spicy food taste better and a great percentage of people love it. Human beings have many desires and seniors will have most of them.

Solution to control desire and live healthy

  • Counseling from a family doctor help control hereditary disease
  • Healthy food habits,regulated food as suggested by a dietitian
How serious is diabetes and hypertension

If seniors have control over these two deadly disease which causes other serious illness like kidney failure, sight loss, heart and brain stroke leading to coma, they are branded healthy. The other problems they face is bone fractures, anxiety and depression. These disorders lead to instability in thinking, irrational decisions. In short all diseases are interlinked. If one can control basic health issues like anxiety, depression and  hereditary health issues like hypertension and diabetes they are 90% healthy. Then being healthy is cake walk.