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Health Topics

Health is a very wide topic. Few important topics under this head are global issues ike pandemics, epidemics. disease like common diseases, killer diseases and silent killers. For healthy living fitness tips, exercise, food and nutrition. Senior health, women health, personal health Issues.. We further filtered and felt that every one should be aware of aware of them to avoid complications. Knowledge on these topics will keep you healthy and leads people to happy life.

Health, the coin word for all living beings, without which no achievements what so ever. To know about health related issues is important for two reasons. Keep a wtvh on them and prevent them before they attack and to live a happy and healthy life. Thus we give emphasis to this topic. We like to cover three important health issues , the diabetes, hypertension and cancer. All these three disease are called silent killers. They are like water under a mat, not visibly seen but does the damage. It is easy to prevent them with simple care right from childhood. To so this it is important to know about them. We have covered the tips to prevent diabetes blood pressure and cancer extensively in those categories under silent killers. All other health related issues like normal diseases like acme. flu. obesity are described at common disease. and killer disease like mountain borne diseases are touched at categories killer disease section

Global Brief in Hypertension

How to fight a silent killer


How harmful diabetes to the body?


Seniors are our parents and grand parent who are above 60 years. They are very precious for youngsters. They offer guidance to the grand children and children with their vast experience in life. There are many instances where the present generations neglect those God given gifts for so many reasons. It is unfair and unacceptable. Seniors require just few minutes of the children’s time that will rejoice their energies and they live long and healthy. Here this topic covers seniors common health issues and simple remedies.

information about seniors


Fall and bone fracture


Hereditary Disease

Memory Issues

Joint pains

Seniors love every one – Do not NEGLECT them

We gave importance to seniors because they are often neglected by their own people in this busy corporate world. The busiest youngsters can not spare time with their aged parents to give them confidence that they are with them, Their grand children are more busy with their busy school schedules. We have addressed their major issues like fall & fracture, insecurity & depression and psychological fears at category seniors

Elder abuse News:

Inspirational Stories

Small stories motivates people. Not only inspirational stories but also small instances, inspiration quotes, inspirational songs, light music and talking to friends also motivate people. A great emperor ‘Mohammad Ghazni’ won a battle after observing the spider building it’s nest. Spider never gets tired till it finishes the task of building its nest. It never cares the the unsuccessful nest building till it builds it. Many disables get inspired by watching the stories of successful disables sports people like Badminton player Girish Sharma.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Inspiring Destinations

Blogging tips and tricks

blogging tips information

Blogging tips from successful bloggers

Neil Patel: A veteran in blogging and helpful to new bloggers with his informative articles

Amit aggarwal: The iconic tech. blogger from India. He is the first Indian blogger. His concentration is on technical tutorials and guidance to technical bloggers.

Multi topic blog vs Single topic

Normally single topic blogs have an edge over multi topic blogs because single topic is focussed and informs about one subject and articles are built around the topic. It doe not mean that multi topic blogs have less importance. Multi topic blogs have more subjects and the information is seamless. So as long as the blogger organizes the topics and gives useful information and keeps the visitors engaged it does not matter whether it is a single or multi topic blog. I know the draw of a multi topic blog. backs. It is difficult to submit a multi niche blog to search engines and search directories. They require a category . Multi niche blog may not attract visitors and traffic if that are niche specific. Classifying subscribers according to topics updates is difficult. But still I chose multi topic option because in a long run this blog will gain popularity.

As the name implies this is a multi topic blog and covers various topics. The first concentration is on health related issues. Healthy living is maintaining good health, keeping away from fat and oily foods and keeping in control of blood pressure, diabetes and in check on heart. Other topics are about seniors, motivational and inspiration stories, travel.

Coming to the blogging topic, we offer detailed information on tips and trick to bloggers, Other topics include earning on internet, travel, search engine optimization and many more

Types of Blogs

personal blogs
Promote yourself and your interest through personal blogs
corporate blog
Establish your company and brand to public through corporate blogs
group blog
People with common interest called groups start these blogs
micro blog
Blog content is less than 300 words with images, videos, infographics

Essentials of blogging?

Blogging. the passion of many people to have their presence on the internet exceeded the personal interest, crossed the corporate interest. group interest and reached marketing their talent in content creation, audio, vedio, multi media to content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing The basis for blog a is meaningful content. Content must converys meaningful information to people to whom it is targeted. So content is the king. Blogger can create great content with his writing skills, knowledge on the subject.

Bloggers tasks are many.

Creating informative, knowledgeable blog content

Choosing the right domain name and right hosting services

Optimizing the blog posts to search engine ranking through SEO tools

Acquiring backlinks from authority domains related to your blog topics striking a balance between ‘Do Follow’ and ‘No Follow’ links

Submitting the content for indexing to search engines

Promoting the articles through social media, content marketing, digital marketing methods

Using influencers to boost traffic to blog posts

Creating a blog is multi dimensional activity. It is not just wring blog articles. Unless some one read the article and rither inspired or get answers to their search information, the purpose is not served. But how the articles reach visitors. It is through search engines. . Search engines collect information. segregate them and display relevant information to visitors query. For each query they display thousands of search snippets with valid information. So the task for the blogger now is to get the post snippet called meta description noticed by search engine and the snippet to appear in the top of first page search results. As an example the snippets for the keyword information providers for health will be

search snippet

Meta description is what you see after title in the snippets above. Search engine algorithm chose those snippets best suited for the keyword ‘information providers for health’. So blogger uses search engine optimization tools to optimize eevert blog post in their blog for the chosen keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

  • SEMRush : Try the 30 day free trail with this toolkit. You can find out ranking positions of your keywords, send emails to to prospective competitors and gain backlinks.
  • Google Search Console: If you are have a Google account this tool is a in built facility to to track site audit and rectify errors.
  • MOZ Pro: try Moz Pro tools and boost your search engine ranking and blog visibility in search results,
  • Ubersuggest: Popular tool kit for SEO of your blog. Check a suitable price plan and improve the blog position in search engine ranking
  • Backlinko: Subscribe to their email list and they will guide you through search engine optimization.

Content Marketing Tools

  • Buzz Sumo : One you fix your requirements use buzz sumo for new keyword research, Content Research, influential research, Content Discovery, explore media opportunities. Use buzz sumo for 30 days free plan and evaluate all features..
  • Google Analytics : Google analytics is a good tool for Google account holders. You can know the insights on your blog performance, organic keyword, their ranking positions and blogger can improve the blog posts to rank higher
  • MixPanel : Want to know user interaction with our blog or mobile app? Here is the solution. Mixpanel tracks user interactions with mobile applications. It provides tools for targeted communications. Build custom reports and measure user engagement and retention using their tools
  • Simplereach: This tool is useful to measure social media actions on your blog content. Social search developed a fabulous Their machine learning and AI techniques to acquire data to help blog to popularise the content to better serve customers
  • Pexels: When ever you use an image it should not be copy right protected. You are not supposed to use copy protect images with out their permission or without mentioning the source. you have pixels the best free stock photos & videos shared by talented creators.

WordPress plugins for SEO

  • Squirrly: This is a powerful plugin to complete many of the SEO tasks while you edit or create a blog post or page.With Squirrly the blogger can edit rich snippets, social snippets, meta tags and much more. The free version is just enough for experienced webmasters to gain search engine presence.
  • Yoast: Another great SEO plugin. Real time content analysis, Tell Google about your page through data, reminders on outdated data for revisions and updates, setting up canonical urls to avoid duplicate content, creating robots.txt.htaccess files, clean permalink URLs or sitemaps for your blog or website. All these features are available with premium version.
  • All in One SEO: No need for an SEO expert if you know how to utilise this plug in for all tour SEO needs. Right from SEO setup upto online SEO optimization this plugin do the job for your.



Are Search Engine Optimization techniques an essential and necessary factor for blog ranking?

The answer is ‘yes’ if you have poor blog content and ‘no’ if you have great blog content. Ultimately it is content that matters, References and leads to other blog content with same topic adds information to the visitor, it helps for ranking. SEO tools are important but not essential. Read what experts say about SEO techniques. What is most important for brands and bloggers is the visibility of their efforts on organic results. The blog content or brand content appearing in the first page and in the first 5 places is the real litmus test for any blogger or vlogger or businessmen. It is because organic search results are based on search engine evaluation of the content for a query from the visitor, It is not the paid appearance or sponsored appearance. It is natural and it is the findings of the relevant content by search engine in a natural way. SEO tools and techniques help the informative content to rise to Google rank files.

What experts say about blogging

A blog post is like a miniskirt. It has to be short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the subject –  Joe Pulizzi


Create blog posts that answer the most interesting questions from people you engage with on social media.-– Dave Larson, founder

Do, do, do. Do interesting stuff first (e.g. writing a book, doing social media experiments) and then blog about it, instead of the other way around. Nothing inspires more than reporting about your own actions. ~Mars Dorian

Shop with Amazon

Shopping is no more tedious. One need not run from shop to shop to find out price differences of a product, discount offers and rands. Thanks to online shopping concept. Started ways back if 1994 as a revolutionary concept grew today into a a billion dollar industry Money magazine mentioned that in 1994 . around 98 million consumers purchased $60 billion of items from home through phone calls and TV shopping channels. Amazon stood as number one online shopping portal in the world today and the credit goes to their strategies. Their product range, free shipping and return policies, reliable payment gateways, verified customer reviews and customer support made Amazon standing first in the retail online marketing. They allow sellers to sell their products on Amazon portals, encouraging new shop owners find big channel to open up their products. They have a special referral program to encourage blog owners and other enthusiast to promote their product and promotional links and earn commissions for themselves. it is all for free. Few of the Amazon associates are making six figure income through their affiliate sites. Few of the 7 figure amazon affiliate websites are consumer search.

Few of our affiliate shopping sites are Laptops, Baby Care, Cameras and Home Needs

Buy at Amazon – Buy with confidence
shop online at Amazon

Online Shopping Statistics

  1. Statistica says e-commerce sales will touch $6.2 trillion by 2020. In 2019 it wA 3,5 Trillion. global retail e-commerce
  2. According to Oberlo, shopify app. for dropshipping business claims that there are 2.05 billion online shoppers in 2020
  3. Most of the shoppers (54%)
  4. Amazon online shopping outbeats US e-commerce s and amount to 47% (Statista)
  5. Amazon Will Account for 50 Percent of All US E-Commerce Sales by 2021 (Statista)
  6. National Retail Federation says that 80 percent of online shoppers and 63 Percent of mobile shoppers use new technologies and use online shopping.
  7. Shoppers are finding online shopping source through search engines, evaluating the products and online shopping portals through product ratings and reviews
  8. Baymard Institute believes that fixing extra amount and asking shoppers to open an account to use cart is active negatively on shoppers thinking.
  9. Retargeting visitors is a useful technique to attract shoppers says PR Newswire, 43% like to busy again.

Among all shopping online portals, Amazon is the most popular and had a 47% US share and exists in 14 countries. It outbeats their competitors Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Costco. For other services like subscriptions Amazon competes with Netflix, Apple, and Google.

Why Amazon shopping most preferred online product portal?

Amazon gets everything right when executing customer orders. They select products and services that customers want and need—and leverage distribution centers across the globe that allow them to quickly ship products. Amazon also has excellent vendor relationships that allow them to offer customers discounted pricing

Snap Agency

A January 2020 survey revealed that fast and free shipping was the most popular reason for U.S. online users to shop via Amazon. The e-commerce platform’s wide range of products was ranked second was almost 69 percent of respondents stated it was a reason for them to purchase on Amazon.


A leading 64% cited price as their motivation for shopping on Amazon, with free shipping (60%) a close second. Convenience was also a major factor: a majority (52%) said they shopped on Amazon because it was easy to buy that way, and close to half (47%) said that they used Amazon because it’s a one-stop-shop where they can buy different things they need.

Marketing Charts

Travel Topics

Occasional travel have many benefits. The traveller is exposed to new culture, new areas improves new bondages and feel refreshed. People travel for so many reasons.

  • Holiday trips
  • Pilgrimage
  • Adventurous travel
  • Professional travelling

and much more. Travel into unknown destinies is an excitement and experience. Travel into space, to other planets are lifetime achievements.

Travel is relaxing the mind from routine. It is uniting different societies and cultures. It refreshes the mind and fills the body and soul with new energies.

How the Mojave Desert Compares to Mars | National Geographic
The Whole History of the Earth and Life 【Finished Edition】
Top 10 Places To Visit In 2021 (If We Can Travel)

Ever Green Travel Destinations Around the World

Greenland - Travel destination

Greenland – Denmark

Greenland is in Denmark and it is one of the world’s largest island. Only 20% of the area is occupied with population and the rest is permanently covered in ice. Considered to be the worlds’s largest glacier. The ice is so think in some places pushing the main land below sea level. They use a different and difficult language for communication and they sound to be idioms to others. They love fun and they laugh at you affectionately. Do not get worried. Few of the greenlanders words are

  • ”Qujanaq” means “thank you”
  • ”Ajunngilaq” means “it’s ok”
  • ”Immaqa” means “maybe”
  • ”Aluu” means “hello”
  • ”Baj” means “bye”
death valley adventure travel
Death Valley – USA

Death Valley – USA

Death Valley as the name implies is a land with extreme whether conditions. You as a tourist can experience the hottest and freezing snow in the vast landscapes across the desert. The highest recorded temperature in the world was the Death Valley’s. The recorded temperature was 134 Fahrenheit in July 1913. February is a fine time to visit the valley and the temperature at that time will be 72 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Total area of death valley national park is 3,367,627 acres. Visitors during 2019 was recorded as 1,740,945. Death Valley was made a national park on October 31, 1994. The lowest elevation found in Death Valley is -282 feet at Badwater. The highest elevation found in Death Valley is 11,049 feet at Telescope Peak
Source: Death Valley Facts

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Rome is also called as the ‘capital of the world’. Rome, the referred as the “Eternal City,” in the 1st century BC. and it is around 3000 years old. Rome is a perfect  blend of the historical structures like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican City and modern shopping complexes and pizzas Romans speak English even though their official language is Italian. Remember the tourist should not wear shorts while entering the church.

Mount Sinabung volcano sent a cloud of hot ash as high as 3 km on March 2, 2021. The volcanic activity as seen from Kuta Rakyat village in Karo, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.   | Photo Credit: Reuters

Sinabung volcano

The disasters that happen on this mount Sinabung is mainly due to hot clouds, lava flows and volcanic ash and smoke. Other dangerous volcano eruptions are Tambora in indonesia in 1815, killing 80000 people, Mauna Loa is the biggest volcano on Earth. It is 9,170 meters tall.

Taj Mahal – Agra – India

Taj Mahal – India

Evergreen wonder in the Indian continent and across the world is an ivory-white marble mausoleum. Built on the banks of the river Yamuna in the Indian city of Agra, it is the love symbol of the mughal emperor ‘Shahjahan” in the memory of his wife “Mumtaz”. Around 20000 laborers, sculpture stonecutters, embroidery artists built Taj Mahal .

Secret of Taj Mahal.

  • Changes colors at different times. Pink or grey at sunrise, glittering white at noon , orange bronze when the sun sets. The color change is because of white marble. White marble reflects hues (  the property of light by which the color of an object is classified as red, blue, green, or yellow in reference to the spectrum.) according to the intensity of the sunlight or the moonlight.
The Eiffel Tower – France

The Eiffel Tower – France

The Eiffel Tower, La Tour Eiffel in French, was constructed in the year 1889 and was the main exhibit the world fair of the Paris Exposition. Constructed to show the power of France’s to the world became the iconic wonder of the world.

Do you know these facts about this tower?

  • The tower shrinks and grows 6 inches in winter and in the summer. This is due to the thermal expansion of the metal. The original height of the tower is 985 feet.
  • There’is a secret apartment at the top if the tower for . Gustav Eiffel the designer to host famous guests such as Thomas Edison.
Vatican City

Vatican City, Among must visit places in the world

Vatican City is in Italy This city is built within Rome. It is the central part of Roman Catholic Church. Pope lives here. Vatican city has approximately 1,000 residents with no births within the city. Vatican city is the smallest country in the world and the 18th richest nation amounting to GDP per capita of $21,198. The most highly paid Vatican officials are the cardinals of the Curia. This city reflects ancient roman iconic art and architecture. Vatican Museums house is equipped with ancient Roman sculptures – “Laocoön and His Sons” as well as Renaissance frescoes in the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, famous for Michelangelo’s ceiling. 

thekkady -kerala
Thekkady – Kerala – Explore

Thekkady Kerala – A must visit wildlife sanctuary

This is the tourist spot I love most. The natural beauty of unadulterated nature can be seen here. It is an elephant and tiger reserve. They often come to the Periyar Lake to quench their thirst. On one side the visitors stay long hours to see these wild life coming near the river and enjoy their presence. The visitors often visit the ‘Idukki Power plant’.built in between two hills named Kuravan and Kurathi It is an arch dam constructed across Patiyar river. For travellers interested in safari, rafting and trekking, this is the idel place..


Son Doong

The biggest Cave in the World

Soure: Explore Son Doong

The discovery of Son Doong cave is accidental. A local man Ho Khanh found this cave while searching for food. During his search he entered the cave. He heard sound of river from deep inside and sae clusters of clouds coming out of the cave.
Son Doong is in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Central Vietnam, It is the the largest cave in the world. “Son Doong” cave means “mountain river cave”. It was created 2-5 million years ago by river water eroding away the limestone underneath the mountain, Where the limestone was weak, the ceiling collapsed creating huge skylights.The ecosystem inside Hang Son Doong is as unique as it is large, and it even has its own localized weather system. Rare limestone cave pearls are scattered in dried pools, and the largest stalagmite ever found stands 80 meters (262 feet) tall.

Spaceport America,- southern New Mexico

Spaceport America – Southern New Mexico

Located on 27 square miles of desert landscape in New Mexico, Spaceport America is Virgin Galactic’s human spaceflight headquarters and center of flight operations. A spaceport or cosmodrome is a site for launching (or receiving) spacecraft, by analogy to seaport for ships or airport for aircraft. Spaceport America is a secure facility and is not open to the general public unless you schedule a visit through tour operator Spaceport America Tours or find out more about Spaceport America by visiting our free Visitor Center in Truth or Consequences.

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