Blogging Tips Improve Ranking

Understanding a blog, blogging and how Google rank a post are few important blogging tips apart from many described below

Blogging tip 1: It starts with the questions : What is blogging and blog?

Sharing and expressing ideas through text media is blogging. The published articles through internet on world wide web is a blog. Blog is originally a weblog truncated psit published on web. Blog contains posts or articles displayed in reverse chronological order.
Blog articles are personal experiences, opinions, observations , professional achievements of people. If the blog is in the visual form is Vlogging.

Blogging tip 2: To understand how Google ranks a blog post

This question is difficult to answer. No one knows the right answer for this. How much you search Google, you only find confusing answers.
The solution is watch the top 10 search results for your focus keyword. Update your content with new ideas on the niche. Wait for your turn. All tools like keyword search, search engine optimization are suggestions but not solutions. Remember relevant content for a query keyword, alone what Google considers for ranking?

Let me explain:

I searched Google for my niche keyword healthy living. Chose 2 variants ‘healthy living fundamentals’ and ‘fundamentals of healthy living’. Searched Google for results. Snap shots are as under.

healthy living fundamentals
Search results of healthy living fundamentals
fundamentals of healthy living
Fundamentals of healthy living

If you observe the results you will see same results in the first two positions. From 3rd position the results are different. This shows that the content for 1 and 2 position is relevant for both keyword phrases ‘healthy living fundamentals’ and ‘fundamentals of healthy living’. The content is not relevant to 3 position onwards. Now you have to improvise the your content on the keyword variants to top the rank. To be on the top always you should write smashing content.

Blogging tips not only improve ranking but are essential in all these blogging stages mentioned below.

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Writing creative and ever green content

Choosing domain name and hosting services

Optimizing content for generic search results

do’s and don’ts of blogging

Blogging tips 3 :Writing skills include error proof short informative sentences that improve ranking

writing skills: To me there is no difference between blog and website. It is content that matters. Informative content offers solution to inquisitor. Visitors will not read the content unless the writer is passionate in offering great, evergreen content. It is true with a personal blog, online shopping portal, technical website, medical portal. The visitors will not stay even a second on less informed content and never visit the site again. So write content with poise, purpose and passion. Here under are few passionate successful blogs. Writing skills is a part of blogging tips that improve ranking possibilities

blogging tips

Digital inspiration: Amit Aggarwal is a passionate, iconic, tech. blogger. He is a technologist and create technical stuff. In his own words,

Technology is my life, I’m always thinking about it, even when I’m taking a shower. It helps us in becoming more productive and knowledgeable

He is passionate and blogging is his life

W3 schools is a teaching portal and educates even non technical people. Their lessons are self explained and changes non technical people into reasonably good tech. developers. Learning is easy with right attitude . These tech. tools help to develop your own plugins instead of loading servers with external plugins.

Popular bloggers have poised mind. They have passion for the subject and clear understanding of the purpose of blogging

Passion alone will not make a person a popular blogger. A clear knowledge and authority on the subject is essential for writing engaging content. The visitor comes repeatedly to a post only if the article is interesting, engaging and informative. You can write useful content only when you know the subject. You can become an authority on the subject only when you read articles from other established writers like.

bait skills
  • Neil Patel’s blog: If you observe this blog the very intro. is appealing. Every new blogger or blogger with no success or very little success like to know the reason for low traffic for their effort. His opening page offers a support to improve a blog’s presence on search engines. If you observe the page he attracted the visitors for a call of action by offering an Search engine tool to improve the blog’s ranking. The enthusiastic visitor eager to improve the blog’s search ranking will definitely try the tool. From their he offered many baits to stay on their site long back. That is his strategy. Well. He is successful.
  • Darren Rowse : The owner and blog author of is another veteran blogger started the blog ways back to 2002 and successfully running multiple blogs. His strategy to attract visitors to his blog is offering solution to questions like
    • Help you to start a blog,create content, find readers, make money blogging, get work done. What else a new blogger wants. He is thee to solve all issue. He is offering a great attraction and turning you to be his clients to read all his blog posts. That is it. Not a bad idea. Is it not?

Bloggers or writers produce content. Content is the king and bring name and fame to the articles. Knowledge and articulating the subject classifies a blogger either technical, professional. niche or otherwise. Technical writers and professional offer solutions or informing new technologies to viewers and professionals develop authenticated content in their own field. Niche blog choosers develop content in their area of interest. They choose a topic in demand and develop content around. The main motive behind all these bloggers or writers is to express their passion, expose their knowledge and ultimately earn money on making blogging as their profession.

writing skills

Whether it is making making pots with clay or making a technical mother board or rowing a boat or using technology in daily life require skills in that field. Similarly writing content for a blog or journal require writing skills. The writing skills are

  • Avoiding grammatical error
  • Selecting a catchy heading, sub heading and short description that informs visitors what your article is all about
  • Organizing your content that engages the visitors with small introduction, details, images where necessary with leads to relevant content with other sources.
  • Concluding your article with call of action if any
  • Supporting your articles with testimonials
  • Linking to other articles relevant to topic in your own blog or site

Choose the right domain name and reliable hosting service provider – blogging tips improve ranking

Choosing a domain name, services provider, blog post promotion and all steps below are basic blogging tips for that improve search ranking.

Domain Name : Once a blogger identifies the skills required for blogging and chosen a subject, the next stage is choosing a domain name. Domain name is the identification of your content on the internet. Choosing a domain is very important because you are informing the world your interests and objectives to visitors. Your domain name is identified through an URL (uniform resource locator) on the internet. It looks something shown above. If the URL is secures it looks like ‘https’ instead of ‘http’. So chose carefully a domain name that you decided to promote your articles to world

blogging tips improve ranking
  • Blogging tips to choose a domain name for ranking of articles on technical tutorials – choose a name similar to the names below.

Now you are ready with a domain name and acquired skills to develop articles, chosen the niche and the next step is choosing a registrar for domain name and a platform to host a blog. Let me briefly explain these terms

  • Who is a domain registrar:?
    • Domain name on the internet is maintained by a company called domain name registrar accredited by a generic top-level domain registry or a country code top-level domain registry and operates by the rules guided by domain name registries.
  • What is hosting platform and how to choose it? what is hosting and how to choose a web hosting provider?
    • A web hosting service as the name indicates propagates your blog or site on the world wide web through internet. It hosts your content on their servers after an article is published. Screen and select a web hosting provider after carefully evaluating the following points
      • allows C Panel access
      • reliable with 100% up time
      • allows data base version changes
      • fast customer support
      • back up support

Now you have created the informative content, chosen a appropriate domain name and hosting services and ready to popularize the blog among masses. Follow the blogging tips to improve search engine rank to promote your blog.

blogging promotion skills

Promotion Techniques

  • promote your blog to your known circles
    • The first place to promote your content is among your friends, relatives and known. They will give you guidance and offer impartial criticism about your content. This will be a positive sign to blogger to improve the skills required while writing future content. If not your own people who else will help you. If they are reluctant to read and inform mistakes there must be serious problem in your articles. Either mistakes or irrelevant content.
  • optimize the content to search engines to get generic search traffic
    • Optimizing the article to search engines or search engine friendly articles. This is called search engine optimization. Generic search means, a visitors asks a query through search engine like Google, Bing. Thousands of results are displayed. Each result is the solutions offered by the bloggers. Remember only first 10 results in the first page will catch visitors attention. So the task is tailoring the content to suit search engines and presenting unique, engaging content. The techniques are listed below
  • populate the blog using SEO techniques :
    • Some of the SEO’s techniques became outdated like meta title, meta description, meta keyword and meta robots. They were once popular because they are seen by search engine robots but not by the user. These are once very popular and are misused by SEO evaporators, stuffing the blog post with meta tags. So Google abandoned meat tags for ranking purpose. Do do not worry about meta tags.

Use proper Title , headings, sub heading and few lines of description that describe the topic

  • use proper title, heading, sub heading and paragraphs instead of meta tags
    • see that you use the keywords at appropriate places. Use variations of keywords, but not the same keyword every time. Do not stuff the blog post with the same keyword.
    • see that the URL that appears on the browser reflects the post idea. use URL like tips and not tips
    • use alt tags for images with keyword variations
    • relevancy of Keywords for blog revenue
    • Optimization techniques for blog
  • Back link is a back bone for a blog to confirm that your content is noticed as useful by another site, blog, directory or search engine. Back link means some one read your article, found it useful and linked the relevant article from their site to your blog. But it does not mean all back links are valuable, there is a criteria for the usefulness of the back links.
    • The link should be from a popular, relevant blog or site
    • It should not be a reciprocal link or paid link or link bait.
    • The back link must be a natural back link.
    • Do not try for back links though they are backbone for a blog. They will automatically be built by the readers if they find the content or comment is useful to them
    • Page speed is very important while accessing the page. Visitors will not wait to access your page if the page loading is slow. This is very important SEO tip. Google announced page speed as a ranking factors for their search index In 2010 . Evaluate your page speed with this Google’s page speed tool
    • Learn more about importance of page speed at MOZ
    • page speed improves website performance
blog security essentials
  • It is not enough if you have an informative blog. There are hackers around to snatch the data especially if the data is sensitive and the blog is popular. Hackers concentrate of prime websites or blogs that holds defense information, credit card and bank information, voter information and other sensitive information.
  • Hackers will sneak into your blog through weak passwords to the admin area, config area and data base areas. Try to protect them with strong passwords with a combination of upper case, lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Never use proper names, date of births as our pass words.
  • Do not distribute your passwords to anyone, however known to you through computer keyboards or through emails. Close the browser as and when you complete a baking transaction or payment transaction online. Try to use virtual keyboards where possible.
  • Secure your domain with a SSL certificate. With SSL certificate visitors trust your site more and it will increase your traffic. If your website is on selling products or services, security certificate is a must because you will be doing financial transaction through your blog. You can get free SSL certificate here
  • Security essential at present scenario

Trends are more important while choosing topics for blogging. Politics is a trending topic during elections. Sports during international tournaments. During those days days have people are interested in certain topics for blogging.

blogging tips and trends
  • Popular topics: popular and general topic keywords like health, travel have heavy competition. It is very difficult to rank google search results for such topics. For example, ‘Health and health care’ are very common subjects. Hospitals, professional doctors and authority health services have their own websites for such topics. How do you thing a new blogger will ever get ranking for such subjects in the search results. Instead, if you try a local story about a critical health issue solved by local experts with testimonials will get more traffic. So instead of concentrating a short single word keywords, develop an article around a long tail keywords to get noticed by search engines and get traffic.
  • Mobile usability is increasing. There is no time to bloggers to sit at home before desktop for information. They want information at their finger tips from any place and at any time. Mobiles are handy than desktops for information. Mobiles can access data while on travel, in restaurants and open areas.. So concentrate to develop content suitable to mobile devices.
  • Do not play with visitors emotions . Some times the visitors may become erratic with certain sensitive information. Be careful.

Follow additional blogging tips to improve search ranking

  • Do not use sliders on the home page. The negative effects of sliders are using flash is not search engine friendly. Slides distract the users attention and slows the loading speed of the page. Sliders will take more redirects than normal. Visitors will not click the slider 2, slider 3 and so on. They may click slide 1. These are the observations made by Yoast Search Engine Optimization
  • search engine land another SEO company support yoast statement above
  • instead of rotating URL’s or sliders, static images with linking to destination URL will stand a better chance for SEO ranking
  • .push notifications distract
  • new bloggers doubts
  • cloud computing is sharing resources and reducing computational expenses
  • Use limited plugins. Do not overload servers with plugins. More plugins will reduce page load speeds. Use right plugins that are absolutely essential . Remove outdated and plugins that are not updated for long

To find proper traffic sources follow these blogging tips and improve search ranking

I have ignored traffic sources as one of the popular blogging tips for ranking in search engine optimization. Traffic to the blog increase popularity and earn money. Read these new ways of getting traffic to your blog apart from other techniques. I am sure that you have tried techniques like submitting to directories, guest posting, blog comments. If you have observed the google search results you might have seen the top search items are segregated as all, news, images, videos, shopping as shown below. Each of these aggregated items is a source of traffic for your blog post. If you have smashing news to promote, you will get traffic from Google news.

google search
  • Try traffic from Google news: Search engine display different results on search console for a query as shown above. The results will be different for news, videos and shop. That is where you can attract more traffic. Videos are visual treat to people. They convey strong impact on readers. So create videos or add video, news – audio or visual on the same niche. It is not a bad idea to lead visitors to other websites for more information.Tips to optimize for SEO news.
  • List your business on Google business to attract local traffic to your blog or business and increase your brand name.

To conclude:

blogging is all about

  • writing skills
  • domain selection and choosing right web hosting provider
  • subject knowledge and authority
  • topic selection, URL selection, content strategy
  • offering additional information through offering leads to other blogger articles, video