Page views improve ad revenue – not search or ad snippets

How page views improve ad revenue? which type of websites or blogs are benefited?

Before going into “how page views improve ad revenue” let us define terms ‘page views’, ‘ad results’ and ‘search results’

Page Views: When ever your website page or blog post is displayed due to click on the search result it is called a page view.

Ad result: When a  blog post or web page is promoted through a paid  advertisement and a blog or website  advertisement is displayed on the sponsored search result it is called ‘ad result’.

Search Result: When a particular blog post or web page is displayed through a keyword on the organic search it is called ‘search result’

If the website or blog is developed on advertisement revenue model to increase revenue it is publisher friendly. They display advertisements on their websites or blogs to earn revenue. Advertisement sources are sponsored ads from advertisers like Ad Sense, product  advertisements like Amazon. Product advertisements are often called referral or associate or affiliate programs.

page views improve ad revenue  because the aim of those websites or blogs is to attract ad revenue as a publisher.. Advertising companies have two models of inventory to sell

  • CPM ads: Cost per thousand impression ads aim at high traffic websites or blogs. The advertiser pays to the advertising company to sell their ads for a an amount for every 1000 impressions. for their product or service. These advertisements are then distributed to publishers to place them on their websites or blogs. It is very clear without much explanation that  the ad must be viewed by people 1000 times on their blog or website to get the ad revenue to get a part of the paid amount by the advertiser. Unless the visitor lands on the page or post where advertisers ad displayed. Thar means the visitor should click the the page where there is advertiser’s ads through organic or sponsored search

Now a small example illustrating the page view impact on ad revenue (CPM ads).

Example 1: 1 visitor viewing 1 page a day on the website for 30 days. Page views will be 30.

Example 2: 100  visitors viewing 1 page per day for 30 days. Page views will be 3000 

page views improve ad revenue

Ad revenue depend on number of ads on the page. In a page if there are 3 ads 30 page impressions receive 90 ad impressions in example 1 and 9000 ad impressions in example 2

Page views are independent of  search results for a particular keyword and paid ad impression on search results. If the content on a web page or blog post is engaging and informative the page snippet may appear on the top of the search result. The content of a web page or blog post is promoted through a paid advertisement called sponsored ad, the page snippet may appear  in search results . In both cases this page snippet is not a page view unless the visitor clicks the page snippet.  Paid advertisements only show page snippets but not actual pages. So the task to get more page views for a particular blog post or web page depends on

  1. Extremely useful and informative content
  2. Page snippet appears on the top of the search results in first three places
  3. Visitors clicks on the snippet to view the actual page

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Importance of page views

Page views improve ad revenue is explained in the following paragraph

More page views means more traffic to the website or blog. More traffic increase conversions. Advertisers love to offers high value ads to such websites or blogs. Basically there are three ad revenue models offered by advertisers

CPM: Cost per 1000 impressions. Here no special efforts are required by website or blog owners except improving page views. Ad sense is a good example for such ad inventory. Publishers with ad revenue models fpr revenue generation prefer this inventory. Websites or blogs with useful content will be benefited here.

CPC: cost per click: Pay for click. This is mainly useful for product or service promotion. Blog or website owners with nranded products or services wish to promote them and make a sale prefer this mode.

CPA: cost per action is the more shroud way to promote brand image or sell a product. In this model the visitors grs to the web page or blog post and take an action like buying or subscription.

To sum it up

  • Page views improve ad revenue especially CPM based ads because publisher need only page views but not ad clicks.
  • To attract high value CPM ads publisher has to work hard to get visitors stay more time on their web pages or blog posts and reduce bounce rate. Bounce rate is the average time a visitor spend on the page.
  • Page views are not search result snippets or sponsored ad snippets. Search result snippet or ad snippet becomes page view only when the visitor clicks these snippets.  
  • More ads on a page or prescribed number of ads on a page increases ad impressions, increasing CPM value

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