New Blogger Doubts are Cleared with Examples

What Doubts Do New Blogger Have While Taking Blogging  Career Seriously?

I wanted to write an article that catches every new blogger eyes. I want to discuss their prime  problems as upcoming bloggers. Let me draft the questions first and then the answers with examples

The first set of blogging questions are on blog fundamentals.

1. Can a blogger really make money with a blog and make a living?

How ever passionate the person is for blogging at the back of the fresh blogger wants to earn for his hard work.
The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Yes, if new blogger  adhere to the blogging principles. The principles include passion for blogging, knowledge about the contest, planning, implementation, dedication, patience and consistency.  No, if the new blogger  have no  interest in blogging and  only trying to blog for money. No, if the new person  does not have writing skills, knowledge on the topic. Of course dedication and planning are most important to earn through blogging. Earning is a part of blogging for new born person for blogging. Blogging is time-consuming, an art and science.

new blogger
Bloggers earning six figures

Many bloggers  irrespective of gender  are earning six figure income.  Abby – just  a  girl and  her blog.  and my inspiration and Indian first iconic tech. blogger Amit Aggarwal Digital Inspiration

Do you have the qualities?  You can start blogging

If you have all above qualities you can start blogging. With little promotional efforts the blog can start earning. There are bloggers that are earning a six figure income, making a good living. A blogger can earn a lot of passive income from the blog. The income come from advertisements like Google Ad Sense, affiliate promotions like Amazon, subscriptions to their own posts. Once the blogger decides on an online shopping mall niche, the blogger earns selling his products and promoting other company projects. There is no limit for earning potential for a seasoned blogger.

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2. What is the meaning of niche, ever green topic?

If the content have continuous demand for generations is a niche topic. New blogger become expert leaving behind next generation. They will have the above doubts while starting a new blog.  Thus even a topic that helps new bloggers to become experts is a niche topic. It is also an ever green topic.

3. What are the required writing skills to write a blog post?

The basic writing skills are error-proof sentences, without spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, simple and short sentences. Step by step development of subject, from synopsis to explanation and to conclusion. Write easy to understand sentences with catchy words and interesting messages. If the topic demands funny sentences, inspirational quotes, links to other similar topics. Writing skills is a simple subject that can fit into a paragraph but given here is a summary.

4. How much does it cost to start a blog?

Zero if you start blogging without your  own domain name and hosting services. WordPress   is a content management system offers free hosting service. New blogger can use this platform to develop a free website or blog and over a period switch to self hosted website.

WordPress for new blogger

5. what is the best free blogging platform? is the best free blogging platform for beginners. Blogger can start with this content management services. Once the blogger gains confidence and proves his leading as a professional blogger, look forward for an own brand name for a price.

New Blogger Expect Answers For Next Set of Questions

The next set of questions are on populating the blog on the internet, getting traffic, converting viewers to customers. The list is endless.  Now this article solved first set of doubts and prepared the new blogger for next set of doubts. 
Once the blogger decides on the blog topic, and clears the doubts on earning potential and blogging platform best suited to them, the next set of questions will where and how to promote the blog?

This article will clear the first setbacks in blogging thus making a way to new bloggers into successful blogging right away.