Get Natural Backlinks For Google Ranking – Why & How Are The Questions?

What are the natural backlinks? How do they differ from dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

When I say natural backlinks, I mean backlinks or links pointing to your blog from any relevant source. This will happen when you write useful and engaging content for visitors searching for a solution to their requirements. 

  • Relevant to the blog topic
  • From top-ranking sources
  • Few but trustworthy backlinks
  • Backlinks that do not violate search engine requirements
  • Goes naturally with the content flow in your blog
  • Sources that relate to your topic and adds value to the visitors

Dofollow links are basically termed as natural backlinks. But I consider natural backlinks as links that are pointed to your blog when a person approves your blog as the genuine information provider and the article or post is useful, informative, engaging and points a link to your blog from their blog  Natural backlinks give a boost to the blog and improve Google ranking. Dofollow links are natural backlinks because they allow Google bots to crawl the link to the destination blog page or post. On the other hand ‘nofollow link’ will not allow search bots to crawl the destination blog and thus ‘no link juice’ is passed on to Google thus not contributing to higher page rank.  Nofollow links are manually created by ‘rel’ attribute as follows.  

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>information providers</a>

Dofollow links are also called juice passing links.

natural backlinks

How to get dofollow natural links to your blog?

It is now clear that dofollow links are natural links. Dofollow links allow search bots to crawl the destination blog and qualify the blog for higher ranks. There are many ways to get quality natural backlinks to a blog.

  • Content is the king: Write great and engaging content to the visitors. The content will bring natural dofollow links from the visitors without any effort. They are true natural backlinks and Google loves such blog content.
  • Genuine comments on other blog posts that will allow a dofollow link from their comments
  • Guest posts on another blog will allow one or two dofollow links. Guest blogging is a great way to promote your writing skills to other blogs and your authority on the subject. Posting on popular websites will improve your social media follow-ups.
  • Infographics are the new way of promoting the blog through images. The visual display attracts visitors because the graphical representation of the statistical data will be presented before the audience. The audience understands these visual displays at once. 
  • Contribute intelligently your solution on forums, social media and give solutions to their problems.
  • Helping each other with backlinks through traffic source for blogs.  You help others to get traffic to their blogs by visiting their blog posts.
  • Find out natural backlinks to your competitor blog. This will help you to identify the most suitable blogs from where you can get backlinks.  Take a list of backlinks from high profile blogs from the competitor’s backlink list and carefully analyze how they got the backlinks. Approach those blogs with care and grab few high profile backlinks to your own blog. 
  • High-quality backlinks will come through file sharing websites. For this to happen you have to convert your blog posts into pdf format documents and submit to those websites. You get high-quality backlinks. 
  • Link Exchange: Some sites offer reciprocal links. You promote their link and they do the same. This way of link exchange is useful for new blogs.

Word of caution while trying to get genuine backlinks:

  • Do not overload your blog with backlinks through reciprocal, social media and guest blogging links. Any unnatural or forced or irrelevant backlink (not confined to the topic)  is considered spam. Seach engines like Google knows, how to trace out unnatural links. 
  • Google in its support pages on ‘Link Schemes‘ defined a link scheme is a Googles violation if the intention is manipulating links for page rank  This violation rule is valid for both incoming and outgoing links from your blog. 
  • Never go for or buy links for a price. Those schemes of paid links are unnatural and the blog will be penalized someday.  

Few ideas to remove unnatural backlinks before it is too late:

Web Gnomes and  Dejan SEO  – extortion attempts is a warning to new SEO companies. Identify the domains that are linking back to your post are Chinese or domains that do not belong to your niche, consider them ‘spam. 

  • Google webmasters, now called search console will list out all your backlinks. carefully watch the backlinks and any suspicious backlink is noticed remove them using Googles Disavow tool. Here are details about how to use this tool
  • There is no accurate way to identify spam links. The only way is checking your post or domain for backlinks do a research as explained by Ahrefs Site Explorer tool and follow the steps therein. 

Best practices to develop natural backlinks

  • Offer link bait content: Link bait is referred to the content on your blog to which other blogs link because they like the information in your blog and not because you ask a link. That means you have really articulated your writing skills and offered the best solution for the users. It means you have offered them an evergreen content.
  • Do not buy paid links
  • Do not overload the post with backlink techniques like link exchange, forum submissions, comments, guest blogging, anchor text links.
  • Practice writing useful content for the viewers not for Google ranks.

Remember even less number of quality links will improve Google ranking. Quality content brings quality backlinks. Happy blogging