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How mobile technology apps evolved from the last decade and why? 

Mobile phone revolution started ways back in 1975 and  Motorola employee Martin Cooper On April 3, 1973, made the first mobile call from midtown Manhattan and called the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey. From that day the mobile usability escalated exponentially and today more than 80% of the global population cannot live without a mobile.  As mobile usability increased users were looking for more accessibility features and thus evolved great demand for mobile technology apps.  The estimated mobile app developers increases from 19 billion in 2014 to 25 billion in 2020.

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What accessibility features users want on mobiles?

Today mobile users are looking for more and more features. The need keeps changing as the usability increases. Basic accessibility need include but not limited to

  • Text to speech and vice versa: Most required accessibility users expect on any mobile. This facility is very useful for mobile users to send messages to others while speaking and convert speech into text to store others messages.
  • Spell and grammar checker: While drafting messages or posting text to social media through mobiles we look for auto error correction of the text typed. This spell check and grammar check feature are very useful for any mobile user. 
  • Reminders: Mobile phone users expect remainder features to wake up friends for their birthdays, not to forget important calendar events. They want the reminders either automate replies or schedule them. This one feature they want to have on their mobile
  • Speech Amplification Speech amplification is a method by which a whisper is also amplified and transmitted. This feature is useful for disabled and having hearing and speaking problems. While on a conversation if you are not heard and understood properly by the recipients and vice versa, the people in conversation will end up in either anger or frustration or even depression. More about voice amplification at being heard with voice amplification  
  • Organiser: An organizer is a tool for scheduling activities. It is normally available with every mobile. Organiser apps can create high-security passwords, finds and tell whether you have closed your front door while on tour and allows you to switch off connected auxiliaries to the phone like air conditioner, cooler. It also organizes friend sugar need for coffee. 
  • Mindmap: Mind mapping as I understood is, breaking the central idea into small ideas for easy understanding and development and reorganizing into the main idea. If creativity is the central idea then inspiration, ideas, knowledge, imagination, vision, brainstorm and passion. And each of these ideas will also be broken up into many new channels.

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  • Apps for students: Student app need is a different ball game. They are more interested in studies and career. They also want to look healthy and happy. The apps they need are lecture captures, revision of the subjects they already studied, timetable planners, exam preparation apps, personal safety apps to signal close friend in crisis and health check apps and time management apps

Many companies hire mobile technology apps from reputed companies to meet their demands. These apps range from health care, patient-doctor interactions, pet care. The apps expanded to hotel industries to high-tech industries, organizations and interpersonal relations in the organizations. As the mobile markets expand, more and more mobile technology apps are expected from developers.

Are our mobile manufacturers meeting the mobile technology apps requirements?

‘Yes’ is the answer. Mobile companies strive hard to meet the user requirements through mobile technology apps when they receive feedback. It is a continuous process. That is how new models with improved features come with every new version of mobile irrespective of mobile operating system. Apart from the company owners, thousands of freelance app. developer add feature juice to the mobiles. The following list is part of the companies in India and in around the world

  • Zeppelin Solutions (USA)
  • Prolitus (Ireland, USA & India)
  • HashEx (Russia)

Read more info about these companies at contract app developers

How do mobile technology apps manage different operating systems

Developers concentrate on apps irrespective of the mobile OS, whether it is Google Android, Apple IOS, Windows phone.  Developers use different software platforms for the apps depending on the mobile OS. Apple’s iOS developer use the Objective-C language—most difficult programming languages. But Apple has good c language tool called Xcode to create the native app. Android requires Java with its tool Java Eclipse and Android Studio to deliver good featured apps for android. Windows Phone uses the C# or VB.NET languages and Microsoft’s Visual Studio. 

Cross-platform apps are the latest trends. Cross-platform apps are hybrid and web apps developed on HTML5. 

One Indian Company, 
Hyperlink InfoSystem from  Ahmadabad caters to mobile applications for various industries. They develop native iOS and Android apps, connect pet owners to caretakers, food deliveries to customers, GPS-enabled games, connects doctors and patients. Other few companies developing mobile technology apps are 

Outsourcing mobile apps to companies is a double-edged knife. Once the company decides to outsource mobile apps through the third-party, it has the churn few points. First decide, what the company want: business app or entertainment app or social media app for larger customers. Once the company decides the kind of app, study the feasibility and budget constraints to outsource. Then look for any of the above companies to join hands. keenly see the outsourcing companies background, work experience, technical know-how, quality assurance, data protection and support systems after sales. Do not compromise.  

Leading Android app categories worldwide

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To sum up good, bad and ugly of mobile technology apps 

The good part is the features of the apps like blink list, organizer and others mentioned above. The bad part is the battery life. The most affected apps when the battery breaks down are Google Maps, WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat and a few more. The ugly part is an app activated close buttons to exit the active screen or page is unnecessary on Android because Android users already have a back button included.

Mobile technology apps are the need of the day. Mobiles are no more phones for talking, they bridge social relation,  offer social and cultural security, friends to guide in crisis and more.