Protect blog from hackers initially through passwords

Protect blog from hacking with simple initial techniques:

Blog development is not just writing informative articles and publishing them on the Internet. The more popular your blog, the more vulnerable it is to hackers. Hackers steal the blog content with malicious intentions either appointed by your competitors or by illegal group of perverted intelligence. Hackers are intelligent and multi skilled.  Be ware, they look for loop holes in your website and gain access to the most important files and injects damaging code and in no time the blog starts malfunctioning or totally disappear. Protect blog immediately if you have not done so. Protect blog before it is too late.

So ‘Bloggers’ – secure your blog from hackers. Security is not risk elimination but risk reduction. The first stage to protect the blog is using very strong passwords at every stage. Very strong password look something like 11111_aaaaa_11111 or aaaaa_#@&_1234_Aaaa. 

protect blog

The places where hackers love to enter your blog’s sensitive areas are.

  1. Administrative login : This is from where you log into your wordpress dashboard  to create pages and posts, edit, publish and update. This is the most vulnerable place for hackers to get into your worpress. Create a very strong password for this area.  Further protect this area with added feature like limited login attempts.  Limited logins is a good feature where you disable login after a specified several attempts. 
  2. c Panel: Hosting services  provide c Panel to control your website directories on is a web-based hosting. It is a web-based interface. Through c Panel website owners control their portion of  the shred hosting. C Panel is the most vulnerable area where hackers have a festive chance to enter into your wordpress blog.  Hackers attack important directories like w-content, wp-admin and important files like .htaccess and php files. The first protection for your c-panel is by a strong password to log-in to c panel as explained above. Then you can add security code to config.php and other files,  changing data table prefixes and so on.
  3. Data Bases: Database is most important in content management. Database stores data in a structured way in so many directories and in folders with in directories. Web content is  text, numeric, and images. They are all stored in different directories and folders. It is important to protect them. The first stage to protect them from security threats is using a very strong password.

Other important techniques to harden the website or blog from hackers

Choosing a reliable web host  – the hosting service that offer

  • a secured server
  • communicate effectively on security concerns
  • gives a strong and reliable versions of  server software
  • offers good and reliable backup and recovery services
Tighten other  vulnerable areas on
  • Your computer 
  • Networks
  • File permissions
  • Disable file editing from wordpress dashboard 
  • Update themes and plug ins regularly
  • Delete unnecessary plug ins
  • Take backup everyday as and when you create a post or page or a update.

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