Push Notifications – Anchor Text Links Distract Concentration

Are not push notifications, inbound or outbound anchor text links diverting your concentration while reading an interesting article? What is the purpose of push notifications and anchor links?

Is it not irritating to suddenly see a push notification when you are seriously reading a blog post or article? Is it not distracting you from the main focus? Why the hell you receive push notifications at all either on your desktop or iPad or mobile. Who sends these notifications. What is the purpose? How to disable them? 

At least I am unhappy when I suddenly see a pop up while browsing the internet for required information or seriously reading an article. Similarly, I am annoyed with an inbound link or outbound link while reading the main content even though it is pointing to added information. I wish these inbound or outbound links to appear at the end of the article as sources of information.  They may be useful for SEO purpose but to me, they are bad elements and diverts  attention

I do not agree if someone or even an expert says that they are offering more valuable information on the same topic through an outbound link or an inbound link. How do they forget that  going away from the reading page to those links, is it not present reading incomplete? How do they assure that one will come back to the original post again? These are many questions and doubts I have about push notifications and anchor links? I try to figure out reasons and solutions for this and tried to put them under the following heads.

push notification

What are the push notifications? What are anchor text links? 

Push notifications are small messages mainly sent to mobiles phone. They do not require the client’s permission for display on their mobiles. They can be useful messages like reminders or business promotion messages. They can appear anywhere on mobile while viewing an entertainment channel or chatting with a friend. when you downloaded and installed an app you agreed “yes’ to push notifications. Apple started these services called Apple Push Notification service (APNs) ways back in 2009. Google have their own push notification services for their Android devices.  

Anchor text links are linking text to an internal or external website or blog post. They can be inbound or outbound links. They enhance and help search engine optimization. The text is your keyword for which your blog post is targeted.

Here is an image that reveals the fact that push notifications are irritating.

push notifications
Is this situation disturbing?

Instances claimed by people that push notifications are disturbing

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How to disable these notifications?

It is easy. On mobile phones go to the settings of each app. and disallow notifications.

On the browser follow the instructions on this link and stop these nasty notifications. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/features/how-to-turn-off-push-notifications-on-your-computer-and-smartphone-1639825

To wrap up: Push notification technology started with a good reason to remind the user important events they may forget otherwise. But business tycoons misuse them to promote their products and services and send repeat notifications and they are disturbing and unnecessary. these excess notifications have a negative impact on the apps. installed on the mobiles. Users are uninstalling the apps because of these disturbances. undoubtedly push notifications are disturbing and user prefer to dispense with them