Page Speed Improves Overall Performance On SERP Results

Concentrating only on improving page speed will kill website look and user experience if wrong plugin chosen

Page speed is content loading time on to the browser of the visitor. Google in their web masters central blog indicated that site speed or page speed improves page rank position in search results and search engine optimization experts concentrate on page speed optimization to their clients. There are many plugins in WordPress directory promising 100% page speeds for both mobile and desktops. Certain plugins will do the job and optimize websites to optimum page speeds. 

I used a WordPress Plugin ‘Speed Booster Pack” and my Google page speed insights shot up to 95% on both mobile and desktop view. But I lost the look and theme design of my blog. It is very bad experience. Here below is an illustration of the same.

My blog  look was elegant and nice before using the plug as below.

page speed

After installing speed booster pack plugin and configuring the setting  the blog look changed completely as below.

page speed

I could neither see the menu at the top as is visible in the above  figure nor the the width of content and sidebars visible. But the page speed drastically changed from 80% to 95%. But I am not interested to compromise on my original blog look and feel. I deactivated the plugin and then deleted it.

I then tried a different method to boos page speed. I followed the following simple steps. Installed and configured the following plugins

  •  Async. Java Script plugin to get rid eliminate render-blocking JavaScript in above-the-fold content. It did the job. 
  •  comet cache instead of w3 total cache. Setting features in w3 total cache is very time consuming and confusing to me. Even after setting up the w3 total cache it did not improve my speed insights. It It did not eliminate render-blocking CSS  in above-the-fold content.nor minify css had any effect. Comet cache is enough for cache purpose.

Now my page speed insight looks like this

page speed

I have to still fix

  • render blocking of CSS
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Leverage bowser caching
  • Minify CSS and Java scripts to get 100% page speed. As of now I am happy that I am in green on page speed insights.

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