3 Strong Points to Consider Choosing a Web Hosting Service

What is a Web Hosting Service? Why Websites or blogs need a Web hosting Service?

Before going into details of web hosting service, let us define certain terms related to website or blogs. Website developers or blog developers need a domain name and a web hosting service to promote their niche content to their audience. Beginners may use a free domain and third-party hosting service to promote their content. Two major third-party content management system offer free domains and hosting service are WordPress and Blogger. Both these platforms offer content promotion service through their servers. They host the domain on their  server. This kind of blog or website promotion may not enjoy all the self hosting benefits.

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A well designed website or blog on any niche with value to the audience need a topic related domain name and self hosting service that will boost and enhance the web presence.  The example below will explain this point.

Example of website or blog hosted by third-party is example.WordPress.com – Here example is the domain name and hosted by WordPress.

example for Self Hosted Domain is  example.com – Here example is the domain name and hosted on self hosted servers provided by web hosting service providers. In this example the domain name is a purchased domain and will be unique. The hosting is self hosting purchased from a web hosting service providers. There are many web hosting service providers and domain registrants offering different progressive features to promote their business.

What are the 3 strong points to consider while choosing a web hosting service provider

My preference while choosing a web hosting service provider is

  • After Sales Support:  Never choose a service provider who will sell their service and forget  web hosting service provider. Many web hosting service providers offer  low price tag with great features. Evaluate the offers and make a right decision. If you buy a hosting service for a low price from an unreliable provider, what will you do if there is no after sales support and there is a server down? You can only look at the skies or prying the almighty. 
  • Minimum Server Downtime: If there is a server crash or hack and the service provider can not quickly recover the data base you are once again in doldrums. 
  • Price and Features: Price tag is of course as important as other points mentioned above. We always look for an affordable, low-priced  web hosting service provider. Is it not?

How to check a web hosting service provider credentials:

  • Find Out how long the web hosting service provider is in the market and how many service accounts he bagged.
  • Read online reviews about the service provider. There will be  pro and con when one look at reviews. Do not be panicky if you see a negative review.  Negative review give more insight into the selection process. 
  • Find Out  the offers of the web hosting services  like bandwidth, types of hosting services whether shared or dedicated and the difference in pricing with competitors.
  • Check for hidden costs while offering the support. Web hosting service providers charge extra for support request like back up installation, trouble shoots.

Web hosting price initially will be cheap and as low as $.199 per month. But the renewal cost or recurring expenses will be high after one year. That is where we really have the pinch of the expenditure. Unless the blog or website earns on it sown , it is difficult to keep up the renewal cost. Please do research on the web hosting providers terms and conditions before taking decision.

Other points to consider 

There are many more points and they are also equally important while evaluating a web hosting service provider.

  • Start with an affordable shared hosting service and later depending on the growth of your website traffic go for VPS or dedicated hosting services.
  • Check for hosting providers track record and  server details where the website or blog is hosted.
  • Few developers buy domain names because they are cheap. Check whether your hosting provider allow add-on domain hosting and the number of add on domains they allow. It is better to have each domain for each topic to get goof Google Rank.
  • Shared hosting services will serve well with 30000 to 40 thousand traffic per month. If you predict a growth go for dedicated service.
  • Choose a host who offers important features like auto script like Fantastico,  Cron for day-in-day-out operations, .htaccess access for security/page redirects.


  • Check for e-commerce features . e-commerce sites are very powerful and earns more revenue now a days.
  • Look for a hosting service that offer installation backup service and easy menu driven, self-explanatory c panel.
  • Check whether the hosting service supports your own email address for the domain and extend support to POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Auto responders, Email forwards
  • Some blogger use special software to develop their websites using content management systems. Check whether your host supports content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Dream Weaver, Flash

  • Check whether you host offers free content management  systems with free themes. Paid themes are always costly and many free themes offer similar features. With simple themes one can develop fantastic websites or blogs if and if you work hard and understand the techniques how to do it?.

Web designing is an art. It is not a rocket science. Any one with little practice can become an expert website designer. Watch websites or blogs and learn the ways they have developed the websites or blogs. You can also learn from on-line tutorials the tips and techniques required to develop a website. Over a time You will be  the master of your own.

To summarise the main focal points

  • choose a reliable,loyal and trust worthy web hosting service.
  • Do a thorough research with reviews and company profiles.
  • Keep an eye on after sale support, features of the service and the track record
  • Check on the price tag on first time buy and price for renewals. 
  • Check on the hidden costs 

Some reliable  web hosting services are Godaddy, HostGator, web hosting pad and Google.