How Relevant Keyword is for Blog Revenue?

What is Keyword? 

Generic search query for relevant information by a visitor is ‘Keyword‘. With reference to blogs and websites,  Keyword density in the content and the relevance decides the rank of the page or post. Keyword also plays a prominent role in online advertisements and conversions. Keyword is important to earn blog revenue though Ad network publishers programs. Keyword is the key for blog’s popularity, content’s authenticity and bloggers revenue or earning 

How to choose the right keyword?

Having said that keywords are important from search engine optimization of a page or post, the next question is how to choose a keyword? Bear in mind while choosing right keyword to concentrate on useful content and write  a blog post or develop a webpage for visitors or users. Make keyword as an part of the content. Keywords depends on the topics  and check a search for most revenue benefit from ad networks while keep writing quality content. For example if you are writing   posts on health topics  find out high paying keywords on health from Google Ad Planner. 

AdWords Planner below for health topics shows highest bidder’s price. average monthly searches for health topic.This will show, what and how you should plan keyword for your health topics. The Ad planner informs average searches per day (2400) and Maximum bid rate for health websites (keyword) is  (Rs.246.99) in Indian google search results when this post published. These are indicative figures to let the developer know, on what keywords to develop the blog topic for health.


 How to choose high paying keywords for the blog post?

From last decade I am looking at the highest paid keywords graph and I find ‘Mesothelioma‘, ‘structured settlements‘ related topics are highest pay-per-click keywords. ‘ Donations and charities, Insurance quotes are few topics still enjoy highest cost per click from AdSense. A partial list is given below.

  • Mesothelioma Law Firm (179$)

  • Donate Car to Charity California (130$)

  • Donate Car for Tax Credit (126.6$)

  • Donate Cars in MA (125$)

  • Donate Your Car Sacramento (118.20$)

  • How to Donate A Car in California (111.21$)

  • Sell Annuity Payment (107.46$)

  • Donate Your Car for Kids (106$)

  • Asbestos Lawyers (105.84$)

  • Structures Annuity Settlement (100.8$)

  • Car Insurance Quotes Colorado (100.9$)

  • Annuity Settlements (100.72$)

  • Nunavut Culture (99.52$)

  • Dayton Freight Lines (99.39$)

  • Hard drive Data Recovery Services (98.59$)

  • Donate a Car in Maryland (98.51$)

  • Motor Replacements (98.43$)

  • Cheap Domain Registration Hosting (98.39$)

  • Donating a Car in Maryland (98.20$)

  • Forensics Online Course (93.51$)

  • Home Phone Internet Bundle (93.32$)

  • PhD on Counseling Education (92.99$)

  • Online College Course (78$)

  • Data Recovery Raid (73.22$)

  • Business VOIP Solutions (51.9$)

  • Health Records, Personal Health Record (40$)

  • Online Stock Trading (35$)

  • Forex Trading Platform (20$) – Source: Find the full list in the article Highest Paid Keywords 2015


To end:

It is not easy to earn blog revenue through  AdSense ads or otherwise even though we know highest paid keyword list that AdSense pays  without

  • useful and informative content. ‘Content is the King’,
  • when there is heavy competition around with the same niche topics  by competitors.

The only solution is 

  1. Keep writing articles
  2. Give information which others did not give

The information need not necessarily be positive. For example topic headings like  ‘3 ways to earn $100 dollars ad revenue in a day‘, ‘ 4 tips to get high web traffic‘, you can also write articles pointing the ‘difficulties in getting high web traffic’, and ‘it is not easy to earn ad revenue from Adsense‘ making the visitor understand what mistakes they commit in writing blog post.