Tips and Tricks for Successful Blogging

Blogging Then and Blogging Now

Blogging have started on a single subject by individuals or small groups and referred as ‘weblog’ ways back to 1997.  The concept of ‘blog’ from then grew by leaps and bounds and  major portion of internet is taken by blogging and bloggers. There are now different types of blogs for different purposes.

  • personal blogs:
  • group blogs
  • micro blogs
  • Company blogs

Once the blogging arena is established the promotional activities have picked up movement. Blog search engines, blog directories, blog sphere and blog advertising communities have started promoting blogs. Today there is a blog on the internet every minute.

Blogs have opened up new opportunities for  bloggers to earn a decent income on the internet.

  • Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs  also called as referrer programs is a great way to earn income from blogs. If you have a blog and you have registered with any affiliate program then is the chance to earn extra income through your blog. As an affiliate you will be be offered many kinds of affiliate links with your affiliate Identification embedded. When you place  these links on your blog and if a conversion takes place through that link you earn a commission. To name few affiliate programs that offers decent affiliate income are amazon and eBay. More about affiliate programs at affiliate earning strategies.
  • Ad sense is another money earner to a blogger. If your ad sense account is approved by Google, you can place the content relevant ads on your blog and earn money in many ways
  • Writing articles for other blogs have twin benefits. You get a powerful back link and decent money for your post. There are some blogs that offer $500 per article for blog posts.
  • Through email subscriptions to your blog posts you earn money.
  • If you have rich and useful content in your blog, you can convert your blog posts as e-books and earn money on selling them.
  • If you have proficiency in photography, video making – YouTube is a right place to earn.
  • If you are a currency trader Forex trading suits you to earn money.

All these things happen if you have powerful, useful, content rich  blog or website. There are blogger who earn income by offering tutorials on how to develop and promote blogs.