Ever Green Content – Articles That Help Beginners

Content that help newbies is the objective of  ‘Ever Green Content’

Ever green content is a dream hunt for new bloggers who look for a strong internet presence, decent traffic, high ranking in search results. It is possible only if they choose a right topic as their ‘niche’ and develop content around the focused keyword. Every blogger concentrate on high density keywords or high paid keywords around which they develop content with some exceptions. As blogs and blogging can be classified into many categories like personal, corporate, micro, non profit, educational, employment, tutorial, there will be ever green topic and evergreen content for these categories. 

ever green content
Ever Green Content Vs Trending Content

What will be Beginners expectations of ever green content? 

Ever green content for beginners on blogging niche will be articles or tutorials or trouble shoots on topics like

  • how to start a blog or website.
  • tips and tricks on how to make decent revenue on internet
  • how to optimize a website or blog for search engines for higher ranking in generic search
  • trouble shoot or solutions while developing blog or website

Ever green content for beginners who want to be a successful affiliate looks for

  • affiliate marketing strategies
  • affiliate benefit details
  • decent affiliate programs
  • success stories that inspires them
  • step by step guide on how make affiliate marketing a career

Ever green content for beginners who choose internet as cash cow with currency trading will like to now

  • reliable brokers
  • myths and facts bout Forex
  • currency indicators and trading plans
  • how to tackle unbelievable and speculated currency markets

Ever green content for beginners looking for employment opportunities

  • opportunities abroad
  • training spots for interviews
  • online training facilities
  • Do’s and Don’ts in an interview

I suggest beginners to read articles by few experts and successful bloggers who made an impact in helping newbies.The bloggers I am refereeing are solution providers, while optimizing website or blog for search engines. They offer plugin fixes, automate search engine optimization part of your blog or website. 

If the blogging platform is WordPress, one must read Beginners Guide. This is an article in  wpbeginner.com. The founder is Syed Balkhi,

Another worth reading blog is ‘Digital Inspiration’  by Amit Agarwal. This blog owner is ready to evaluate blogs for free. In one of the pages on his blog “faq” he says that:


Q: Will you review my product?

A: We love checking out new stuff especially web apps, mobile apps and consumer software. Send an email to request product reviews though we obviously cannot cover everything that’s out there. We always honor embargoes and NDAs.

We do not accept any money, free products, or anything else of value, from the companies whose products we cover, or from their public relations or advertising agencies. ( Digital Inspiration )

Here is an example of ‘how I got an easy solution for a WordPress  problems through WP Beginner.

The Problem: I am on WordPress platform for this blog development. While creating custom menu, the menu items in the drop down menu was limited to a fixed number. Items added after the fixed number  disappear. 

Solution: The solution is adding a bit of code to PHP.ini file. This must be done through hosting platform and on c panel. Though it is to be done by WordPress they have not fixed the bug yet. Many solutions are found on google search. In all solutions the code to be added in the PHP file is same but the implementation procedure suggested by Wpbegginer easy. The solution was 

Method 1: creating php.ini file in notepad. pasting code ‘suhosin.post.max_vars = 5000 suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000;’ to the created file. save ithe file as php.ini. upload it to wp-admin in the root domain. Method 2: code is just ‘max_input_vars=5000;’ ( code is simpler compared to above code ) open wp-admin, add a new file called php.ini, paste code and save. That is it.

In this method suggested, one can avoid creating the file in a notepad and uploading. This suggestion is with in the article as a comment.

I do not know how Google search display results for a keyword, phrase or sentence. Some time an easy solution is found not on the front page but some where else. Beginner should understand that many of the solutions offered on the search results will not be direct solution but a link to another article of the same author. It is just promoting technique of their blog. Certain questions for which the beginners want a solution will never be found on the internet. You will only find a loop of articles with no solution. Example of such questions are

  • Which are high paying keywords from Ad sense?

I did not find the exact answer for this question from google search except taking me to a web page that leads me to heir other pages. May be it is a business secret not to divulge the truthful information. After going through many blogs and websites, the experience we gain will lead us to a clue. Finally we have to find out the answer for our self.Finally ever green content is 

  • Tutorials:  step by step guidance to visitors.
  • Questions and answers: Expected questions for your topic of interest and possible answers. This will help beginners to plan their campaigns
  • Leads to other useful Resources: This will enrich the visitors with more information on the topic of interest

How to make use of evergreen content concept to enhance your website?