Aging Seniors and Health Issues are Related to Depression

Aging Seniors Health Issues is mainly because of Depression

Aging seniors are associated with many myths and fears among them. They feel lonely, have financial constraints, time started moving slowly, will not have anyone at home to talk. With age advances senior citizens develop fear complex and go to depression. If they can not come out of depression it may lead to serious health issues.

Facts about aging seniors and their depression into positive thinking and keep them fit and healthy

aging seniors health issues
aging and senior citizens

Aging seniors are afraid that they are becoming old and dependable. They are worried that they are not consulted for any major issues in the house by their children and feel lonely. Thy are worried that their is no company for them and passing time becomes a issue to them. The elders in the house will go for work and the children to school leaving them alone at home. The old people who are workaholic during their employment will go depression very easily. AT work they spend more time, more than office hours in the office and they suddenly feel as discarded after retirement. If they can not come out of this depression they will end up in serious health problems.

Why aging seniors should be afraid of old age

Is it not a fact that aging is natural and inevitable. The other issues at old age are not trivial and can be controlled. There are instances where people live healthy and happy even at the age of 90+. Old people can look young, happy and healthy with simple techniques.

Accept the facts

  • that you are old and getting older
  • one day you have to leave this world: Instead of leaving the world with health problems, unhappiness and making others your presence a burden control your depression and try to become healthy

Techniques to become more healthy

  • engage yourself with tight schedules as you were before, reading news paper, spending some time with children and fore children whenever they are free.
  • practice meditation and yoga
  • go for a small walk regularly
  • have a nice nap in the afternoon.
  • On this advanced technical world getting back to your young memories is not impossible. Learn how to operate computer or note book if you are new to them. If you are a seasoned professional share your ideas on social media.  Your experience may help others.

Once you are out of depression you can live a healthy and long life. Normal health issues and serious health issues are discussed in other articles of this blog.

Happy aged seniors