Category: healthy Living

Health Care includes knowledge about various diseases and conditions. This know-how is essential to take preventive action against deadly diseases. Diseases are of three types.

  • Common diseases like flu, cold and cough
  • Silent killers like hypertension and diabetes
  • Killer diseases are out of epidemic, mountaineering and travel adventure.

Healthcare covers healthy living tips and practices. Healthy living is

  • Practicing yoga and meditation
  • Doing regular exercises
  • Controlling stress
  • Avoiding bad habits and cultivating good habits

With very simple techniques everyone can keep good health. First of all, understand the symptoms of a disease and find out the cause. This will help in arresting the disease to grow wild and help in preventing the attack in advance. Practice regularity in taking the timely diet. Avoid fat and oily food. Avoid bad habits like smoking and alcohol. Go for timely walking, do regular exercises. Practice yoga and meditation. Never get stressed. If you are stressed, meet a friend or hear good music. Read a good book or see an entertaining movie. Healthy living is keeping physically fit and mentally alert and morally upright.