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Healthy living is our right. But we are not living healthy. It is because we deliberately ignore health tips, Laziness does not allow us to to practice them.

Healthy living is an art and science. Keep fit with simple techniques

Life is not merely being alive, but being well.   

One should eat to live, live not to eat.Yoga and meditation makes you physically fit fit. mentally alert and morally upright

To keep fit and healthy understand the impact of the following disease and possible preventive tips.

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Diseases like diabetics, hypertension and cancer are hereditary and may come to anyone in the generations through genes. Many types of these killer diseases are preventable, curable through simple techniques.

ignorance and laziness obstructs  healthy living

Ignorance – lack of knowledge – are main causes for common disease becoming fatal and not the disease itself It is true with simple diseases and disorders like acne, pelvic pain and killer disease like malaria, rabbis

follow god habits for healthy living

Habits play with health. Non smokers and non alcoholics often are healthier than smokers and alcoholics. Bad food habits like oily and stuffed fry food cause obesity and end up in cholesterol problems

  • Common disease like cold and cough: If neglected may turnout to be pneumonia or swine flu
  • Acne is common between 18 to 30 years for both men and women. Do not worry. Home remedies for acne
  • Nails are great indication for human health condition. Experts in medicine will observe nails for a disease symptom.
  • Hernia is a skin disorder common in both men and women. It is a silent volcano. Prevent it’s eruption
  • Osteoporosis is common in old age. If bone fractures at old age it is difficult to operate and it is very inconvenient to seniors. They feel isolated at home. Little care while walking and weight bearing exercises will reduce the risk
  • Pelvic Pain indicates normal function of reproductive organs. It is common and vanishes after some time
  • Menorrhagia is bleeding from Uterus and common in women. It is women’s health issue. Information to educate women of this common problem
  • Mastitis is a unusual hardness and pain in the Breasts 
  • Leucorrhoea also known as Leukorrhea is a whitish discharge from the vagina due to inflammation 
  • Gonorrhea is sexually transmitted disease. Avoid illegal sex to save yourself from this disease
  • Silent Killer as the name implies looks normal in its early stages. Frequent thirst is a symptom of diabetes and hereditary. Do not neglect if your family have history of diabetes. Similarly hypertension, cancer and heart diseases. Consult family physician because they are silent killers
  • Mesothelioma is a cancerous disease due to excess asbestos exposure. In some countries the asbestos industries are banned. The asbestos settlements are very huge and they are life long structured settlements settlements
  • Hypertension is due to irregular blood pressure. Many times it is genetic. Bad habits like smoking, drinking add up to its intensity. obesity is another cause for high blood pressure.
  • Avoid cancer risks with with controls diet. What to eat and what not for cancer? Any organ in the body may develop cancerous cells, breast, colon, blood cells, throat, rectal., lung cancer. The list is big.
  • Diabetes is definitely dangerous. Type 1 diabetes also known as juvenile diabetes does not produce insulin. Cause may be genetic or exposure to viruses. It can not be prevented. Type 2 diabetes is resistant to insulin or produce insufficient insulin. The cause may be obesity, expose to virus for longer periods. Live with diabetes in 4 simple ways
  • Spreading dangerous and killing disease to masses through virus, bacteria is bio terrorism. Anthrax is one such disease. The bacteria called Bacillus anthracisis used as biological attack and the bacteria is spread through Anthrax.
  • Conspicuous lesions are discovered on tablets that causes Leishmaniasis, a killer disease
  • Leptospirosis is bacterial disease and gain entrance through direct infected urine. Pet owners, people who work on sewage
  • Loa Loa parasite is responsible for the killer disease called Loiasis.
  • River Blindness also known as Onchocerciasis is an Epidemic and spreads through immigrants.
  • Rabies spreads through saliva of infected domestic animals. The pet owner can identify the infected domestic animals if they release excess saliva through mouth, foaming of mouth, paralysis, and behavioral changes (shyness). If bitten by rabies infected animal and not taken anti doses will result in going coma or death.
  • Rocky mountain fever and caused by tick and found rampant in rocky mountains
  • Deer fly or rabbit bytes cause Tularemia fever through skin contact with infected animals.
  • Trypanosomiasis a vector-borne parasitic disease and commonly known as sleeping sicknes.It was found ways back in the years 1896,1906 qnd 1970 as an epidemic and countries that were effected are Uganda, and Congo Basin in Africa
  • Four Hundred years back yellow fever causes Jaundice was detected in Africa and America. Yellow fever is mainly spread through mosquito.
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Follow these websites and blogs for further on health information.They are popular and authorized ‘health portals’.

A to Z common diseases: Detailed information on common illness, the symptoms, the cause and treatment

Disease by Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a place for completed information on any subject. Disease – Wikipedia is all about disease, history and information

Silent killer diseases: Many authorized medical portals offer valuable information on these deadly silent killers like high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Medicine net is one such with information available on common disease, silent killers, healthy living basics

World Health Organization: Latest information on anything related to medicines, disease, research work, latest developments on vaccines and anything connected with international public health. It was established on 7 April 1948, and is headquartered in Geneva .

Read few scholarly articles on hereditary diseases and understand the present trends about diseases and conditions

If people like to be stubborn and live in ignorance it is left to their diligence and integrity. There is a chance to prevent people from the attack of dangerous diseases that start as common disease and turnout to be deadly.

There are reasons why everyone should know about diseases so that they can prevent them in advance before they become vicious and dangerous. If one take care of hypertension, diabetics, heart diseases and cancer they are half way through healthy living. If any one wanted to make adventurous trips, mountaineering and spend time outside on a holiday must be aware of killer disease. If people wanted stress free life and healthy living should know about bad effects of oily foods and obesity. Why to neglect health information when plenty is available. Nothing wrong if everyone is well educated to avoid ill health.