Mastitis the Painful Swelling of Breasts

Mastitis is a unusual Hardness and Pain in the Breasts

During breast feeding Mastitis infection may occur to tissues of the breast. It can occur when bacteria enter from the baby’s mouth through milk duct through a crack in the nipple. –  Health Info

Mastitis is a  Common Disease due to inflammation of the breast

Mastitis is a common Breast Issue

Mastitis  Overview: Breast infections may occur in

  • women who have not recently delivered
  • women after menopause

The infection may occur in one to three months after the delivery of a baby. The infection can also  occur in  chronic mastitis and a rare form of cancer called inflammatory carcinoma.

Symptoms of  Mastitis

  • pain, redness, and warmth of the breast
  •  Tenderness and swelling
  •  Body aches
  •  Fatigue
  •  Breast engorgement
  •  Fever and chills
  •  Rigor or shaking
  • Abscess
 Mastitis can be prevented with the following tips

Follow the following instructions and prevent Mastitis

  • Relieve engorgement promptly
  • Breastfeed frequently
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach
  • Get plenty of rest (both of mind and body)


  •  Irregular breastfeeding
  • Missing feedings
  • Skipping pumping sessions
  • Avoid fatigue and stress
Natural Home Remedies to Mastitis:

Nursing the baby with clogged duct flowing things smoothly. Applying warmness before nursing for fifteen minutes to clear the blockage in the duct and reducing the swelling by messaging with ice for another 15 minutes to reduce swelling. Messaging smoothly is the best way to remove blockage in duct while feeding. The best solution to fight mastitis is drinking lots of water. This will help improve milk supply and decreases infection. Garlic is a food medicine. Though people say garlic keeps everyone away, it keeps health in.  May be garlic is difficult to eat and the way is make it powdered and swallow little amounts with water. Lactation consultants suggest to keep cold cabbage leaves directly on the breasts in the infected areas and change the leaves frequently. Vitamin C will help reduce infection and take 3 to 4 capsules every 4 hours till the infection subsides.  live Bacteria in yeasts called Probiotics  is  good for digestive system and intake of large doses will improve immune system to fight mastitis. Fermented Cod Liver Oil with  cinnamon fermented helps fight infection. (Source: