Do You Know – 100 Amazing Health Related Facts

Do you Know – Unbelievable But True Health Facts

1. Do you know that excess of drinking water may kill a person. Excess intake of water is like consuming poison. It is strange but true. The reason is that water becomes toxic when taken excess. Kidneys perform the function of flushing out the excess contents like salt, and other dangerous solvents in the water from the body  and they cannot perform this operation if lots of water is consumed by the person in a short time. This excess water with non dissoluble solutes  enters the cells and swells  like balloons. This causes spitting headache, vomiting and  intoxication leading to death  Read more on water poisoning at article on Strange but True in ‘scientific american‘.

2. Do you know that the only organ in the human body that never get tired is the heart. Actually it is the  cardiac muscle that never gets tired. Heart is a single organ with pumping the blood twice carrying bad blood to heart in the first pump and taking purified blood to all organs in the second pump. On an average of 72 beats per minute the heart beats  2239488 times in 60 years.

3. Do you know that the human brain that controls both body organs and intellectual function is only about 3 pounds.Normal human beings use only 1/8 of the brain cells. Brain is made up of 100 billion nerve cells – about the same as the number of trees in the Amazon rain forest.

4. Do you know that the number of neurons in human spinal cord = 1 billion. A neuron is a brain cell that carries messages across the the nervous system. through electro-chemical signals.

5. Do you know that the most dangerous diseases that lead to many health complications are diabetes and hypertension. These preliminary diseases are either hereditary or cause unknown. They are controllable with simple techniques.

6. Do you know that the speed of sneezing is 166 km/hour (source This is the speed of the fast bowler Rickey ponting  of Australia.

7. Do you know that we have air conditioner mechanism built in our body. That is our nose. Our nose converts hot air to cold and vise versa  to clear impurities.

8.  Do you know that when you are yawning your mouth get locked and even if anyone keeps the hand inside you cannot byte. It seems all species with backbone will yawn. Experiments prove that yawning is a method of stress releasing system. Yawning is at times embarrassing but one can not help stopping it.  The real reason for yawning is explained in one of the articles at Wall Street Journal .

9. Do you know that  babies dream even before their birth. rapid eye moments indicate dreaming stage.

10. Do you know that in an average a human being drinks 16000 gallons of water in a life time.