Do You Know – 100 Amazing Health Related Facts

31.  DO you know that some humans develop brain stones like the kidney stones. Brain stones are calcium deposits in the brain. This disease is called man’s celiac disease, a rare digestive disorder. (Source from points from 6 is from live science)


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    Brain Stones

32. Do you know extreme syndromes. Syndrome is unnatural body conditions associated with a rare disease. Syndrome may be associated with a psychological or physical disorder.

33. Do you know that AIDS, the immunodeficiency syndrome is caused through the HIV virus found in vaginal fluids, sperm, blood and breast milk of infected persons.  AIDS patients are vulnerable for diseases since they have virtually no immune system working in the body.

34. Do you know that stone man syndrome is a rare genetic disorder of ACVRI gene that controls growth and development of tissues responsible for converting cartilage into bone. The malfunction of this gene converting every tissue into bone, resulting a stone man.

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    stoneman syndrome

35. Do you know walking corpse syndrome? Walking Corpse Syndrome is a mental disorder where in the patient feels that they are one among dead and feels that they have missing body parts and brain. They normally like to live in cemetaries. Some parts in the brain that are responsible for personal identification might have got damaged or malfunctioning. Meditation is a suggested treatment.Some times electro-convulsive therapy is also recommended.

36. Do you know tree man syndrome? When there is tree like growth on your body you are called a tree man. Here is a syndrome with rare mutation of EVER1/EVER2 genes. It is not fully determined or understood whether the mutation of those genes is the cause for tree like warts growing up on the body.There is no cure for this but the treatment option is to mitigate the symptom

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    Tree like growth on the body

37. Do you know what is Vampire syndrome? Vampire syndrome people are also called children of the night. They will be suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum, that is having dry pigmented skin. It is genetic disorder caused due to excessive exposure to UV rays. Since those people should be shielded completely from sunlight they are often referred as vampires. 

38. Do you know Elephantiasis syndrome? The cause for this syndrome  is infected mosquito bite,. This disease will deform and disfigure the body with excess swelling of skin and tissues in legs and testicles. Surgical treatment is available for this disease when the testicles are affected.

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Deformation of legs and skin due to Elephantiasis

39 Do you know that brain can identify fake or deliberate laughter. Brain can understand emotions and examines why a person is deliberately laughing. Laughter is contagious. A laugh for 15 to 20 minutes burns 20 to 40 calories and that is the reason for laugh therapy for healthy living. Babies laugh hours and found healthy.



40. Do you know that the human brain grows only till the age of 18.