Do You Know – 100 Amazing Health Related Facts

41. Do you know that the number of vertebrae in human neck and the  number of vertebrae in a giraffe’s neck, both counting to seven. The wonder is giraffe have very long neck is 6 foot. 

42, Do you know that human heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood a day.

43. Do you know that the smallest bone in the human body is called stirrup bone and found in the ear. The ear bone is only 0.25 to 0.33 cm long (0.10 to 0.13 in) and weighs only 1.98 to 4.3 mg.

44. Do you Know  that honey is rich with vitamin B, oats improves more sex desire where as cirrus fruits increases sperm count. Therefore these three increases sex desire. 

45. Do you know that  of all nails the middle finger nail grows faster and between toe nails and finger nails finger nails grows 4 times faster.

46. Do you know that  cornea in the eye is the only living cell in the body that does not have blood vessels and thus supply. The other part of the body that does not have blood supply is human hair, nails , tooth enamel and they are not living cells. 

47. Do you know that your age as on date is not your real age. Many parts in the body review themselves,  like skeleton of your body reviews in every 10 years, lungs every six weeks, liver in every 5 months, taste buds every 10 days, skin once in 2 weeks, intestine every 2 days, red blood cells every 4 months, nails every 10 months –  except brain and eyes whose age is of your living age.  More details at  believe it or not?

48. Do you know that ‘all babies are born with blue eyes’ is not true. The color of the eyes, hair and

do you know
All babies are born with blue eyes is not true

skin is an ethnic group issue. The non whites like African, African american and Asians normally have more  melanin pigment, which decides the color. In other cases the baby may be born with blue eyes but may the eye turn to black or brown depending on the pigment.

Read more at is it true?

 49. Do you Know that research on elephants may help humans from cancer attacks. A recent research on  elephants reveal that elephants are less prone to cancer because of Tumour-Suppressing Gene ( p53 genes ) present in them. source: