Do You Know – 100 Amazing Health Related Facts

21. Do You Know  that nose can smell 50 thousand different  olfactions. All people can not smell. This disability is called Anosmia’. Some smell in a different way, that‘is sweet smell as spicy and this disorder is called Dysosmia’ . Some have very strong sense of smell called ‘Hyperosmia’.  In New Zealand the Maori people press noses (hongi) as a greeting.

22. Do you Know that in some places (Malaysia) the babies are protected from disease by bathing them in beer. No supported document for this statement.

23.  Do you know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but an onion a day keeps everyone away. But the truth is onions do more good for health than an apple.

24. Do you know that the cause for diabetes is eating fat food than intake of sugar. An experiment on In healthy people revealed that after eating more sugar food increased blood sugar counts to 130 in half an hour but came down to 115 in 2 hours, where as eating fat foods like double cheese pizza, steak, eggs, chocolate, cheesecake, and ice cream.increased the blood sugar count to 180 or even to 280 in 30 minutes and came down to 115 only after 4 hours.

25. Do you know that the male’s sperm (15 million sperms per milliliter) and female egg  (20 micrometer in diameter) are the smallest and largest cells in human body. Japan scientific wing created sperm and egg cells from the skin cells. The research is conducted in an adult mouse.

26. Do you now that your height is increased by 1 cm in the morning and you become shorter by 1 cm in the night. Surprising but true.

27. Do you know that some people will get pornography headaches. They get severe headache only while watching a porno videos.  Doctors suspect that jaw and neck muscles contract during the time causing headache but not sure. It is still a mistake. 

28. Do you know that Soy-sauce overdose will take a human being to coma. It is estimated that one quart (0.94 liters in US measure and 1.13 liters in British measure) contains 150 grams of sodium. Over dose of sodium levels in the blood stream also called hypernatraemia, takes away water from brain cells and brain shrinks leading to coma.

29. Do you know that very rarely hair grows in the eye near eyeball, a rare medical mystery. In another rare disease small ants grow in the eye.

30. Do you know that drinking excess soda like cola, 2 liters everyday for many years regularly causes irregular  heart beat. This is because of excess of caffeine interfering with low levels of potassium in the body.