4 Tips for Healthy Living – Keep Fit even at 80

Healthy Living – Tip 1

Early to bed, early from bed is healthy, wealthy and wise. But in the present stress filled world, how many can religiously follow this tip.  Healthy living is everyone’s cherished desire but they have constraint to follow basic principles.

Early bird catches the worm is a good old saying. The reasons to recommend this tip is supported with the following reasons.

Body and mind will be fresh for taking up daily routine in the early morning hours. It is time for a brisk walk or jag because the world would not have woken up for pollution, pollution of air and noise. It is the time for busy officials to attend to their personal work without any official deviations. Early hours are really preferred for little meditation and yoga.

healthy living
Early to bed and early from bed is healthy, wealthy and wise

Do not be a glutton. Choose your food. Maintain  regular timing for eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever possible. Avoid spicy food. Spicy food may be OK once in a while. Eat vegetables, nutritious food as a part of your diet. Do not overload your stomach. get up from eating when you still feel hungry. After dinner sit a while and after supper walk a mile is a good advice. Follow it meticulously.

healthy living
Eat and Eat Not

 Healthy Living Tip 3

Once you start following tip 1 and tip 2 you will feel a better life. The technique for a light weight body with relaxed mind is yoga and meditation with simple exercises. Meditation and yoga improves concentration and makes you active for the rest of the day. Early morning hours are proffered for  meditation. No need to do heavy body building exercises, simple relaxation techniques will keep your body fit and healthy.

 Healthy Living Tip 4

To have healthy living you should be free from anxiety and worry. These two elements are emotional reactions in a human being. When our aims are not materialized or our wishes are not fulfilled we worry. When some one do not hear and follow our words we are depressed. We never understand stand there is no worry free life for anyone on this earth. We should understand that at different stages of our life we live with different people and can not expect everyone will give us happiness. There will be occasional ruptures with in family, with in friends, with in communities. We should practice to deal with them cautiously. We should know where to command , where to request, where to demand. We should know our limitations. For healthy living we should forcibly control worry and tension. It is possible when we are calm and relaxed. Over a period of time with above tips followed you can control worry and anxiety.