4 Sure and Simple Ways to Prevent Diabetes ways

Prevent Diabetes – It is better Than Cure

Diabetes may be hereditary or otherwise, it is still dangerous. Here are some useful tips






Regular timely walking everyday: An hour walking everyday right from early age without a single skip will help a long way from this danger. Walking is the way to reduce stress on insulin making cells in the body. Walking make muscles work hard and this improves insulin to absorb glucose. Walking includes brisk walk, walking without using lifts while coming down or going up to your apartments, shopping malls. Heavy exercises is not a suggestion to prevent this disease.







Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation is nothing but controlling your senses and releasing tensions. Tension, stress are the cause for diabetes. hypertension is another reason which escalates glucose levels. Releasing muscular stiffness relaxes the body and breathing exercises improves blood purification. Mind becomes calm and stress released. What else positive signals body needs to improve a check on sugar levels and reduces stress on insulin production mechanism. With yoga your weight will be reduced and obesity disappears. Obesity is another main cause for diabetes. With yoga, positive thinking improves and gives new definition for healthy living.






Healthy Eating Habits

Prevent Diabetes
Healthy Food Prevents Diabetes

Good eating habits, no oily and less fat items keep you away from diabetes. There is convincing evidence that diets rich in whole grains protect against diabetes, whereas diets rich in refined carbohydrates lead to increased risk. Every thing you ultimately eat will be broken up into glucose and absorbs by blood stream. When there is signal of heavy glucose release the insulin will act as an insulator between blood and glucose. But if you eat whole grain the digestive enzymes take longer time to break the bran and fiber into glucose and leads to lower, slower increases in blood sugar. This helps to reduce stress in insulin-making mechanism and helps prevent diabetes. On the other hand whole grains are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and photo chemicals that may help reduce the risk of diabetes.



Avoid Smoking and reduce alcohol: Researches reported that the risk of developing diabetes is more in smokers
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No Smoke or Drink

Higher risk reported in heavy smokers. It is observed that moderate alcohol intake helps reduced risk of heart disease and the same analogy is extended to diabetic prevention. A drink or two a day in western countries may increases the efficiency of insulin at getting glucose inside cells. Some scientific studies supported this fact. But avoid over drinking and if you are not having drinking habit do not start is. In hot countries alcohol intake increases the risk of diabetes. So in general the suggestion is avoid smoking and drinking.

The bad and worst stages of this disease: Loss of eye sight and kidney failure. Injuries will not be healed quickly and may result amputation of that part. Diabetes affect gum decay and tooth lose.

‘Stay Lean – Active-Fit’

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