Irregular Blood Pressure Results Kidney Failure

Irregular blood pressure if unidentified early may lead to kidney failure and requires kidney transplant

If hypertension also called irregular blood pressure is not noticed at an early stage, controlled and treated properly may lead to kidney failure. Both kidneys will stop functioning and this will result in impure blood in the body due to kidney failure (Kidneys will purify blood)  leading to many health complications. Watch for the following complication 

  • Bones becoming weak and increased chances of bone fracture
  • Anemia
  • Failure of central nervous system
  • Falling of immune systems resulting in increased chances of infections
  • Swelling in all parts of the body, arms, legs will increase purified fluids in the body
  • lung diseases due to fluids in the lungs
  • increased pregnancy complications

All these which ultimately need dialysis or kidney transplant.

irregular blood pressure
irregular blood pressure leading to kidney failure

Check Your Blood Pressure Symptoms for Irregularity

To avoid kidney failure check on the blood pressure regularly. Find out the whether your parents or grand parents have this disease and whether you have inherited. Check for the symptoms of high blood pressure even from the early age when you feel

  • tired fast
  • take lots of water in a day
  • reluctant to work long hours
  • severe headaches
  • anxiety and depression
  • nose bleeds
  • blood spots in the eyes

Many people may not have these symptoms but still are hypertensive. The reason are genetic and in such cases better to consult your family doctor for solution.

My brother was a victim of this silent killer. There were signs of high blood pressure in his young age and my father hide the fact for a reason which he taught was valid. My brother got an admission in medical course after schooling. His constant ill-health was the  hindrance for an admission. For this reason my father did not highlight his irregular health symptoms like getting tired often, feeling thirsty which were indicative symptoms of hypertension. He got admission for medicine and in the university he further neglected the disease. As everyone knows this killer disease – hypertension damaged his kidneys. Subsequent kidney transplant did not improve his health because of his negligence towards health, desperation and had pancreatic attack and died in the year 1977.  This small truth I have mentioned to emphasis that irregular blood pressure will cost a life.

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