Nature Supplies Vitamins Needed to Humans – Get Exposed

We neglect nature – Wealthiest resource for all health needs

Call it ‘mother nature’ or by any name, nature  has abundant wealth stored for generations for all human needs. It does not cost you a single pie to extract the benefits from nature. It does not need high-tech. knowledge or recommendations to expose to nature and get natural fresh air, pure water, unadulterated vitamins from morning and evening Sun.  Is not a small stroll across green fields in early morning or late evening will cure you from deadly diseases like diabetes or hypertension? Will not the morning walk cut your over weight and systematise your cholesterol? Will not sitting alone near a river bed or sea-shore  relaxes you from tensions and soothes your mind and keep your body and mind fit for the day? Will any of these boons offered by nature cost you anything? We neglect nature. We insult nature. We steal  and kill nature from all those wealth resources by developing concrete jungles around.

The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder 1st (first) Edition by Louv, Richard (2011)

What nature offers to all living beings

Nature is not polluted. It offers life to living beings.  Nothing is a waste  and unwanted in nature including waste created by living beings. Nature gives uncontaminated  or pure water and air the major requirements for all life on the planet earth. 

Watching small fish in aquarium will calm the mind and relieves mental tension. Sitting before the in-house small aquarium does magic to depressed ones and regains the active energies. 

Nature unites people. In UK families go for new gym called ‘green gyms’. bringing people from different places to do green exercises. an exercise in green environment and that is open land the ‘nature’

Nature heals: Some researches prove that patients in hospitals with greenery around and watching green trees around heal pains and need less time hospitalization than those in brick around  hospitals.

Nature brings peace, bliss  and tranquility.


The present children do not know how nice it will be to dance in rain and play till the mother shouts to go to study. Half of the life they spend in school  and rest before the computer. They do not know the benefits they enjoy with sunrise walk, exercises, meditation and yoga. They have to realize that out-door play keeps their body fit and healthy. Outdoor play gets them free vitamin D a great requirement to human body. Exposure to natural settings may be widely effective in reducing inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  symptoms of  (ADHD) symptoms.

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