5 Ways to Boost Legal Web Traffic to a Website or Blog

What is Web Traffic and Why a Website or blog need It?

Web traffic is the oxygen to the website popularity?  A well written website with informative and useful content still needs web traffic to popularize a website to visitors on the World Wide Web. The website have no relevance if the content is not read and appreciated by people? What is the use without making any revenue from a website? What is the use, if the niche content is not recognized and appreciated by people? The people who appreciate your website and information there are visitors and the those visitors constitute traffic to your website.

How to get web traffic?

Web traffic comes to your website or blog in many ways. Most popular 5 ways to get web traffic are as under

  • Generic Search

When you give a well designed and hosted website or blog to search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL,  depending on quality of the content and search queries of the visitors, the search engines will flash your website or blog in the search results as small snippets.  If the visitor clicks on a particular webpage snippet, it leads to the website or blog. This way the website or blog get free web traffic.

web traffic

when a website or blog owner  pay for an advertising network like Google AdWords or Yahoo advertising  and place an ad, your ad will appear on the top or on the right side of the search results depending on bidding details. and when a visitor clicks on the ad and goes to the web page the website or blog  get web traffic and this is often referred as paid traffic. Here you need to spend money for ad impressions and/or ad clicks.

web traffic

  • Personal Channels

Get web traffic through personal channels like promoting the website or blog to friends and relatives and requesting them critical comments and improvements. Who else will give a great suggestions than your own people. Include the site URL in the email signature. This is a way to get web traffic.

  • Promote through social media, forums and related blogs

You can get good traffic if you promote your blog to social media like Facebook, twitter, linked in and Digg. There are several forums and blogs matching your website  content. But be truthful with these media by contributing to other bloggers and forum members offering truthful and realistic comments on their work. Leave wonderful posts on other blogs with a link to yours. This is a wonderful way getting traffic to your own website or blog

Here is an example of such traffic offer from a website (growtraffic.com) to get decent free   web traffic. They have a pricing structure for sending traffic to your website. Check for yourself if their offer is useful to you and the offer will not violate google paid traffic rules. You can make a trail with their free traffic program and get 10000 visitors to your website by referring their name in your blog post like I did now. 10000 traffic by all means is a good offer. Grab it.

writing good, useful and engaging content and keep writing is the surest way to get great web traffic. Search engines love content useful to their millions of savvy  customers constantly visiting and browsing web for content. All bloggers and developers undoubtedly agree on this common point that ‘Content is the King

To end 

It is not easy to get web traffic with all these methods. All these methods offer web page impressions which are not page views. If the visitor clicks on your search or impression, he comes to your page getting you a page view. That is not enough. The visitor has to stay on your web page long time to cut bounce rate and the visitor should like the page content to become a repeat visitor. If your website promote products the visitor must buy them. It is a long way to go  to reach the stage of conversion. Read more articles on these topics to know what is bounce rate, who is a repeat visitor, unique visitor, conversion rate and sale conversions. Page views will increase your publisher advertising revenue if you have any. Sale conversions generate revenue for sales on your site.