Hypertension is a Silent Killer – Take Care

Hypertension is a Silent Killer – Take Care

Ignoring Symptoms of Hypertension Causes Kidney Failure – Beware

Normal Blood Pressure is 80/120

One morning you wake up and go for a general medical check up and you find the results astonishing. How do you feel about it. In addition to that you are advised by the lab technician to go for experts advise to find out the reasons for excess cell counts and you meet an expert and he confirms that your both kidney failed and you need an immediate dialysis followed by kidney transplant. You feel stressed and loose all your energies. Not only your self you will be agonizing your family, near and dear.

Your doctors then explain to you that your kidney failure is due to high blood pressure. The symptoms of it you

High Blood Pressure and Kidney Failure

have never experienced before or you have ignored for long. Those silly symptoms like tiresomeness, excessive intake of water, frequent urination, you have ignored for years resulted in this killer disease called Hypertension leading to kidney failure.

Hypertension is a silent killer. It will be dormant for many years and come out with a bang. Bit body with it’s amazing powers of sensing informs and instructs the odd symptoms in you and if you tend to ignore you will end up in misery.

High blood pressure attacks any part of the body if not controlled. It causes loosing sight, heart attack, disabilities, kidney failure, and loss of sleep, bone loss, sexual dysfunction, dementia, enlarged heart and breaking down the nerves system.

Hypertension has twin brother diabetes almost similar in nature and symptoms. The exact cause of hypertension is unknown doctors say it is generic. Other causes include but not limited to age (blood pressure usually increases with age), diet, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, obesity, sleep apnea and stress.

The Real Story:

My brother had a kidney transplant and the cause for kidney failure is hypertension. From the childhood he used to be very tired after a play and we all use to think that he is tired because of heavy play. That was the only visible symptom for a long time. The local doctors however advised my father to get him through check up and my father ignored. My brother passed a medical entrance exam and got admission in medicine. My father high the fact to medical interviewing team with the fear that he may not get admission. He is admitted and during his study time his pathology professor suspected symptoms of renal problems and advised to have a thorough check up in a super specialty hospital under the guidance of a neurologist. He did so and the expert told that there is a scar like thing on the kidney and suggested him to go for biopsy. My brother, with his half knowledge in medicine ignored his advice and ended with kidney failure after two years under the same doctor who suggested biopsy.

He got transplanted and many other complications developed and he died out of pancreatic problem. Why I mentioned this whole story is that being a doctor he ignored his health, Because of his sheer negligence he lost his life. It is my humble requests to the readers- “Please do not neglect Diabetes and Hypertension”. If you are tired, thirsty often consult a doctor. Do not self medicate

There are silent killers which include breast cancer, colon cancer and all cancer disease, heart attack. Obesity is the main cause for all these diseases. Reduce oily foods, do regular exercise,  meditation & yoga and go for routine check ups and keep your body lean and healthy.

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