Kundalini Yoga is also called Awakening Serpent Power

Kundalini the Serpent Power exists in everyone – Only Sadhaka can Awaken It

Kundalini yoga is an ancient Hindu yoga practice to awaken the serpent power seated at ‘Muladhara Chakra’ to higher levels of consciousness. According to ancient Hindu yogic cult human body has 8 chakras passing through the spinal cord  and great energy or power hidden in human beings will be in dormant at the lowest chakra  called  ‘Muladhara’. This power will be sleeping in normal humans and by practice one can wake up this power. Once the power gets up it moves through the spinal cord through other chakras at different parts of the spinal cord offering different powers to Sadhaka till it reaches the last chakra called ‘Sahsrara Kamala’ the lotus feet of the supreme. When the power reaches the final stage it id called ‘Moksha’ , the unity of self with God.


Kundalini Yoga
The Powers of Kundalini Yoga

How to believe this abstract illogical Kundalini Yoga?

can any one see electricity -wind power – see hunger? One can feel all of them. Feeling is abstract but exits. The spit of white light ray into seven colors Can be seen only through a prism not with naked eye. The power of vision through naked eye is limited but becomes unlimited when seen through telescope.  Many myths of past are today’s realities like cloning, test tube babies, traveling to planets. When those unbelievable things became reality why not the existence of the powers of yoga. Belief is the relief, belief develops confidence and makes impossibles – possible.

How the kundalini yoga awakens serpent power at Muladhara

Different  persons follow different methods to awaken kundalini power. But everyone strongly believe that this spiritual act must be practiced under the able guidance of a known guru. If practiced in a wrong way may yield negative result. Even the experiences during the practice differs from sadhaka to  sadhaka depending on their mental state and desires.  Different individual experiences are eplaine in this article by  Georg Feuerstein in Kundalini yoga – Awakening the Serpent Power.

Awakening the serpent power through kundalini yoga is like converting static energy into dynamic energy or converting the potential energy into kinetic energy. The coiled serpent power at muladhara (base of the spine) by concentrating on that power after following rituals like physical cleanliness, being always truthful, believing God and perfecting sadhnas’s like pranayama. dhyna.  Concentrating at the power base muladhara and constantly thinking that a great power is awakening will become reality in course of time. This enormous energy will follow with greatest worldly attractions to the sadhka like offering powers like telepathy, healing power and still greater powers like getting detached fro physical body and moving wherever you want with the light speed. If sadhaka continues his practice without yielding to these worldly offers, the sadhaka will reach higher pedestal of consciousness. This final stage of Kundalini awakening is unity of body and soul and realizing oneness of self and God.

What and Where are the Chkras Located in the Physical Body in the path of Kundalini yoga
  • The very first chkra is Muladhara where the serpent power is coiled is located at the base of spine
  • Once the serpent power is awakened it will pass through the spinal cord and the first stage it reaches is Svadhishthana chakra  which is near the genital organs. Once the power reaches there the sadhaka gets powers like telepathy
  • The third stage of travel of the serpent power is through Manipura chakra  which is located behind the navel. Once Sadaka’s perfection reaches this chakra, sadhaka gets control over his tongue (Vaksudhi). What ever the sadhaka speaks will be transformed into reality.
  • Normally Sadhaka will stop his practice at this stage thinking that he has attaine great powers without realizing the fact he has to travel through many more stages to reach the unbounded awareness – to reach Gos – the real happiness. If he continues his travel further he reaches the next stage at Anahata chakra  which is located at the heart.  At this stage supernatural powers will be under his control. Pancha buthas (earth, fire, air, sky and water will be under his control) He can walk through water, fly in skies, walk through stones if he wishes so.
  • Still further in the path is Vishuddha chakra  at the throat and sadhaka gets powers beyond the world.
  •  At Ajna chakra  behind the point between the eyebrows (the “third eye”) sadhka gets detached with the worldly pleasures looses interest in this physical body and becomes aware that the present is different from beyond and realizes that he is traveling in the right path.
  • Sahasrara chakra,  the cerebral cortex is the lotus feet of God. Here there is only happiness, silence, bliss and super consciousness.

The spiritual experiences of kundalini yoga is inexplicable happiness. There are many other yoga traits in Hindu philosophy and Kundalini yoga is most difficult and needs a great guru to assist the sadhaka at every stage.