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Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation

What is amazon affiliate content? What is the difference between affiliate content and other content?

Amazon affiliate content can be classified into two parts. Amazon creates content to help affiliate to promote their product and services. Affiliate develop content to promote amazon links to attract traffic, to covert traffic into customers.

Amazon develops content about Amazon products and services. Amazon affiliates write content and convinces people to join the amazon affiliate program and promote their products for a commission. It describes commission rates for various categories, affiliate program policies, terms and conditions. Detailed information on how affiliate can promote the products.

Content is nothing but content. The purpose of the content differs. Depending on the purpose the content is named differently. For example brands create content to explain their products and services. It includes technical information, pricing, return policies, offers and how their product excels their competition. An affiliate who promotes the product or services of the manufacturer wants people to understand the product details, brand information and concludes the decision. Those who are willing to buy the product or service through this information, clicks the affiliate link and reaches the main site where they make the purchase. Only when they purchase the product or service the affiliate is paid. So content creation more tough to an affiliate. Concluding a purchase earns commission to the affiliate in many affiliate programs but some brands pay for leads, for subscriptions. He had the following tasks ahead.

  • To optimise the content for search engine result to rank high in search engine query. They have to write new articles to meet this task. The information must be authentic, loyal, answers the visitors doubts.
  • Technical information about the product, reviews or testimonials from already purchase people, evaluation reports based on the affiliates collected data.This helps the viewer to decide a purchase plan.
  • Comparison table of the similar products from competitors supporting information to buy the product from their recommended brand.

This information will then be analysed by the visitor on affiliate page and clicks the affiliate link and reach the actual page of the product or service.

cb Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation

Content required by affiliates is different from content for customers, purchasers and brands. This is because the purpose of the content is different. The requirements are different. Affiliates have to offer visitors the content to decide on the product purchase, then to motivate them to go to his affiliate link page, then clear their technical and other doubts about the product and brand, lead them to the manufacturers website. Then upto the visitor has to make a purchase or not.

What makes affiliate content to increase traffic?

If content convinces the visitors to click the amazon affiliate link and go to the product page wins the purpose of affiliate content. If the content attracts search engines to place the post in the first rank of search results, it is a unique content. The content that is developed around a keyword and their variations is a great content. If the content is linked by other websites or blogs in the same niche is popular content. Content that satisfies the above criteria increases traffic.

purchaser Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation

Content for Purchaser: Purchaser is the one who already made a decision to buy a particular product. They want product information but not product promotion. So the affiliate has to develop content about product details, reviews, comparisons with similar products, brand that offer the product and the offers they give. Most importantly the price tag, support system after sale, delivery details, warranty, service during warranty.

ha Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation

Content for affiliates:

Affiliates have to develop content for for viewers at different stages. Before purchase to attract them to their site articles

  • content to convince search engines to list their articles in the first search results
  • content to visitors to convince the visitors with the product information they are looking for. Convince them to click their affiliate link to go to owners webpage where the product is listed.

Content is the King to whom so ever it is targeted

Content is the king to build an article, to rank it on organic search results. Rich relevant information is vital to get the article noticed and bring visitors to your blog post. Engaging content keeps the bounce rate low and attract repeat customers. Amazon affiliate program is not an exception for this rule.

Content differs from niche to niche. To drive people to buy amazon products through your affiliate link require authentic, truthful and unbiased information about the product. Those people who wish to buy a product wants to know

  • Technical information
  • Reviews from customers who purchased the product
  • Brand that are selling the products
  • Warranty and guarantee details
  • Price tags from each brand
  • Offers and deals for the product
  • Customer support details
  • Shipping details
  • Security precautions for online payments
  • Refund policies of the manufacturer
  • Service center details

The viewers decided to buy a product does not require information on affiliate programs, affiliate marketing. They want only information about the product they decided to buy. But on the other hand the affiliate has to promote different content. Their content should explain to

  • Driving traffic the reach a page or post with information about the product
  • To click the affiliate links if satisfied with your information
  • Compelling information to buy the product from the recommended brand for which you are an affiliate
  • Once they reach a product page affiliate job is over.

Content ideas by amazon for amazon affiliates:

Amazon had gone a step forward to their competitors in giving extensive tutorials for their affiliates with the concept of content idea. What amazon says is

As the owner of an affiliate website, you should always prioritize content creation. Only high-quality, helpful content that’s easy for your audience to understand – in the form of trial tests or product reviews – will take your affiliate website to the next level. source: Amazon resource center

Go through amazon affiliate resource center to get full details of content creation.

Amazon emphasises that content is important than on page SEO or off page SEO techniques to drive traffic.

What points in an article makes it a smashing?

An affiliate article will become reputed if it covers the expectations of visitors and search engines. Search engines look at the factors like unique information in the article as the prime measurable factor to rank the article. Other factors include structure and scope

Unique information: See that the content is not borrowed from other sources. Neither search engines nor reader like it. First hand information like personal experience or research information about the product makes the content unique. If the information is about the product enrich it with technical points, reviews and testimonials. Do not write lengthy articles when attempting product details and nail the information to the point. Information becomes unique if you add images to the content. Visuals are more effective than written content. Along with content give comparison tables, brand’s share details in the product makes it unique.

Structure: Visitors get fed up with content if it is not structured. Create interest in the article through heading, sub heading and vital points to describe the product. Do not attempt to force the visitors to buy the product.

Start the article with suitable heading and hit at what you wanted to say in the heading. Give add on information in small paraphes. Highlight important points with bold text. Describe salient features in the first paragraph. Conclude by summing up the points.

Scope: Understand the visitors and address their concerns in the article. Clear their doubts, give important information. Understand the scope of the article. Do not over write. Supply information not content when writing articles for products. Product information is always associated with spread sheet, graphs, visual images, comparison charts and reviews.

Other points: Do not make grammatical mistakes. use efficient editors to avoid mistakes. Take the help of SEO plugins to optimize the article for search engines Write relevant content. Do not deviate.

Many of the affiliates do not like to lead visitors to external websites with similar content. They are afraid that they are passing the ranking juice to others. It is not always true. By directing visitors to new sources gives value to the product, authenticate your information and you may get a back link to your page.

If you have articles related to the present article in some way or other link them in your anchor text. This gives search engines a scope to crawl and examine you other articles and their relevancy to rank the present article.

Minimum length of the article will be 300 to 400 words. But can you present all the information with in this length? There is no upper limit for the length. If you can engage people with your content, you can write articles with 3000 to 4000 words.

What is it that your visitors expect from you:

They do not expect any thing from you but reliable, trust worthy information. They want your information to clear their doubts. First impressions are best impressions. If your article can impress the visitors with in the first paragraph you have won the game. So take care while writing the heading, sub heading and first paragraph. It must satisfy dual role. Spins around the keyword and offer valuable information for further reading.

Must avoid points in amazon content creation:

  • Do not over dump affiliate links in the article. This gives wrong impression to the visitors. They feel that you are trying to promote products without proper information support
  • Do not recommend products. Explain your personal experience and other reviews
  • Label all your affiliate links as ‘advertisements’ or ‘sponsored ads’ with a disclosure statement at the end.

Content ideas hub at Amazon associate portal

Amazon associate can access ‘idea hub’ at amazon associate portal to get ideas to write new content for their niche. To access ‘idea hub’, one must become an associate and then plenty of content ideas can be tagged to your blog post. If you want to promote a latest laptop through your affiliate link hook the content idea like this below

Introducing: Fuzzible Friends! A Works-With-Alexa plush toyir?t=wealthbuild09-20&l=ib1&o=1 Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation

Glimpse of other popular affiliate programs apart from Amazon

affliate-programs Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation
  • Click Bank: Through this affiliate network one can sell, buy and promote products. If someone is begging a career as an affiliate click bank is the right place to join as an affiliate and earn decent commissions. If people join their subscription programs through an affiliate link, the affiliate gets recurring commissions. They have product range for parenting, games. arts and entertainment.
  • Share a sale: This affiliate network is there from last 20 years. They have home, garden, fashion products and promotes business class products. They have around 4000.
  • Shopify: Shopify is well known for drop shipping ecommerce business. They have an affiliate program also. They have blogs, videos and automated funnels developed for affiliates. Affiliates can link the visitors to these sources. This saves time for creating new content and engage customers. If people through your link join shopify and opts for paid plan the affiliate gets $58 for each signup.
  • ebay: Another network for publishers as an affiliate. It is easy to join ebay. First open an ebay account and get approval . ebay have rere products in their network like a used Leica lens that many affiliate network does not sell.
  • Commission junction: Popularly called a CJ is a old affiliate marketing network just like Amazon. Many hosting services promote their products through commission junction. If blogger wants to earn money as an affiliate to godaddy hosting program , you have to join through CJ. CJ claims that they pay high commission to an affiliate than direct product site.

Amazon affiliate content creator leads and people

here is a small list of companies that outsource amazon affiliate content creators and few individuals who can create amazon affiliate content for you for a price.

  • Hire content creators from Upwork: Here at upwork they match the requirement and shortlist few content creators and send you the list. They at upwork, check your email to find out that you are not a robot, checks also your ID, video verification before sending you the list. They give you all details of the content creators, like the projects they worked with and along with clients feed back. They organize chats with the freelancers for you to evaluate the best.
  • Fiverr: You can hire free lance affiliate content creator that suits your budget at fiverr. Apart from affiliate content creators, they have graphic designers, digital marketing developers, video makers, programming developers and translators.

Content creators:

If you are looking for or confused about, what exactly you expect from a content writers, here is an example snapshot of 6 content creators to take points from

content-creators Amazon Affiliate Program Content Creation
Thanks to Ezoic for this content
  • Amit Agarwal: Amit, the first Indian blogger and was awarded Google developer expert for his G Suite. title for five years in sequence. The solo technical blogger content is ‘How To’ answers for Mail Merge for Gmail and Document Studio had 1 million installations all over the world.
  • Neil Patel: If you type Neil Patel content creator on Google search, there will be a big list of articles on content creation, content creation tools, content for customers are displayed. Each article is unique and gives information on content creation.
  • Logan Paul: Highest paid YouTube content creator. He started his career with six second video-sharing on Vine, a social media platform. His comedy sketches are famous with millions of followers. he then switched to YouTube and is a famous vlogger

To sum up and conclude

Amazon content creators are special category writes who understand the customers pulse, companies requirements and create informative content. The content they create will convert visitors into happy customers. They write for people to clear their doubts about a product and service in all aspects and help the visitors to make decisions. few amazon content creators purchase products for them selves, evaluate the technical and usability details and write reviews without fear or favor. Amazon content creators are useful to all sections of business, brands, customers and affiliates to meet their purpose.

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