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Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail

What is amazon affiliate program?

Most important Amazon affiliate program information is is a way to earn affiliate commissions or advertising fee through promoting their product links to visitors. Affiliates are also called associates or referrals,

affiliate-earns Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Affiliate Program

Common questions asked about Amazon affiliate program?

  • What is amazon affiliate program?
  • How does it work?
  • How much money an affiliate can earn from this program?
  • What is the affiliate fee structure at amazon?
  • What tools amazon offers to an affiliate to build links?
  • Is it worth an effort to join this program? – When you compare commission structure amazon pays low for affiliates, But it is the brand and number of products that is important. In addition amazon associate program offer many many ways to earn commissions. They have bounty offer, subscription offers and gift card offers and more. That is where amazon associate program is a better choice.
  • What products earn more commision on amazon? – strike a balance for earning commissions on products. It is volume that counts. Things which product is better – a high value product with less purchase power or low value items with many customers?
  • How to balance product selection as an affiliate? – Do not dump your affiliate website or blog with associate links. Small number of blogs with niche products earn decent commissions.
  • Can I use my own affiliate link to buy products and earn commission? Can I use external sources to create affiliate banners?

No. you can not. You can not buy products with your own links nor you are not encouraged to use you own links and banners.

More questions are answered at Amazon affiliate FAQ?

How does Amazon affiliate program work?

Fill up an application and sign up for amazon associate join page. Tthe team verifies the credentials given in the application and if everything’s in tact, approves the application and you are their affiliate. Before applying make sure that you have a active website or blog or youtube channel. better you have enough content on your blog or site. It helps for easy approval.

Affiliates earn money in the following ways

They offers affiliate earning in many ways. They have many opportunities to people across the word to earn passive income or earn big though their business association. They offer many platforms to earn through their brands that include

  • Join as an affiliate and earn advertising fee by promoting their product links through your blog, email, social media, guest posts, influential sites
  • Promote your own retail business and sell on Amazon shopping portals. Thousands of amazon customers will peep through your products and if found suitable by through amazon.
  • Promote products as a influencer and spread the name through social media contacts. In the process earn money
  • Develop a new business, create your own logistics and delivery schedule as a transporter
  • Develop applications (apps), and software solutions with Amazon’s app. stores and Amazon AWS services
  • If you are a king in content development, publish them on Kindle direct dor hungry visitors or develop Vedios and publish them on Amazon Prime Video Direct

Amazon is a gold mine for people to earn passive or real life earning

Why choose amazon affiliate program for passive income?

Amazon is an undoubted leader in online shopping. They have their online shopping portals in around 17 countries. The list if their portals are given below.

amazon-poerals Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Amazon online shopping portals around the world

They started selling books through their website way back in 2015 and expanded to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. Amazon online market surpassed Walmart the biggest retailer in United States.( Read more about Amazon). The advantages in choosing Amazon affiliate program as an income generator is

  • Brand name
  • Variety and unlimited products from various categories
  • satisfied customers
  • easy ways to promote products through affiliate links
  • useful reviews on every products from real customers making affiliate work easy

The one disadvantages and drawbacks of amazon affiliate program is

  • Low commission rates or advertising fee comparing to other affiliate networks

Promotional techniques for affiliates

Affiliate links can be promoted though blogs, social media, E mails, videos, reviews, guest posts and direct advertisements and offers variety of promotional tools on their associate websites.

  • Product links: search for your niche products either by keyword or ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) /ISBN (International Standard Book Number). ( ISBN and ASIN is same for books but for other products ASIN differs.). Once the product list is displayed choose the product you want to embed in your blog post. Create a store with products list. Embed the code in the post as text hyper link or all products as a amazon stores in a store template.
product-link Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail

Amazon Banners: Banners attract customers. They are visual treats. They have banners with different sizes and on different categories.

banners-1024x395 Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail

Native ads: Native ads are the best promotion tool for affiliate to give relevant responsive product display relevant to the page content. They can be placed at the end of the content orin between paragraphs. They come in three fashions: grid, list and card format. Clear the doubts and get clarifications about native ads at amazon native ads frequently asked questions

Recommendation Ads: Recommends the best matched products based on your webpage content and your visitors.
Search Ads: Allows you to drive recommendations based on a search phrase determined by you or your visitor.
Custom Ads: Allows you to specify the products from that you want to promote.

Mobile Popover: Popover ads will be an asset to promote affiliate links to visitors. At Least 90% of customers use mobiles and mobile advertisement is increasing day by day. A popover ad will not disturb the customer and will not appear on the page he or she is viewing after they dispense the ad. All questioned about popover is clarified at Popover promotion questions and answers

Affiliate earn from promotion opportunities, a unique feature for affiliates. The promotion offers is through

Idea Hub: Forget content creation for your products and promotion as an affiliate. Idea hub as the name indicates offer content ideas for all category products available on amazon shopping portal. Affiliate will benefit from this content idea hub by promoting best sellers products, offers and deals (everyday updated). More information on idea hub is at “What is an idea hub?

c1 Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Content Idea – Amazon Products

Prime Benefit Spotlight: exclusive deals and discounts

Bounties: To encourage affiliate earn extra from the association, they thrive hard to give away passive income on product promotion. Bounty is one such opportunity. affiliate benefits are a small fixed amount is given to affiliates for their promotion efforts to subscription services and registrations

  • when visitors create an a business account – $15 for a successful registration of an Amazon Business account
  • Amazon free trail that includes unlimited access to more than 16,000 kid-friendly books, videos. FreeTime Unlimited is available in the US, Germany, and UK. Affiliates earn $3. It also covers prime discount monthly offering, Twitch, the world leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts, Music unlimited
  • Home services. An invaluable services covering areas House Cleaning, TV fixing , Smart Home Device Installation, Equipment and Furniture Assembly, Plumbing and Electrical, Handyman, House decor services and all for a price. Affiliates get $3 for all these leads
home-services Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Affiliate earn $3 for leads to Amazon home services

Amazon promo codes: Promo codes are discount offers the purchaser get when they land on product page and complete the qualifying purchase. Promo codes have a time limit and if they are expired by the time the visitor reach the product page, the customer still can buy the product without discount. The customer can get from 20% to 80% discounts on selected products.

promocodes-1024x396 Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Example of promo codes

Save 40% on select product(s) with promo code 407JPTZ1 on

Save 50% on select product(s) with promo code 509MYJ55 on

Save 60% on select product(s) with promo code 60D3VJTE on

Save 50% on select product(s) with promo code 50UEHSBV on

Amazon affiliate can use these following tools to boost their earnings. These tools are unique and serves specified purpose.

  • Site stripe: Enable this link on your affiliate login page. You can switch on and off this small strip of site stripe on amazon site. Once enabled this tool appears as a small extension on sites you have registered with as an associate. With this tool you can add associate links to your blog posts from your amazon site without switching to associate login.
sitestripe-1-1024x534 Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Site stripe tool for affiliates

Link checker tool: Affiate can check their links in their posts or pages of a blog through this check to make sure that they are using correct link. With this tool they can make sure that they earn commission without any wrong link. All affiliate links are embedded with affiliates associate id or tracking id.

link-checker-1024x214 Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
link checker tool for affiliates

Product advertising API: This is a very important tool for affiliate to develop amazon affiliate store or affiliate pages on their blog or site. This tool is useful to developers. Affiliates need coding skills to use this tool effectively. Affiliate get

  • information about products product title
  • product description
  • product image urls, prices
  • similar products on amazon
  • visitors eligibility as prime member
  • offers to visitors

Affiliate can request for API keys or API credentials only when they complete 3 qualifying sales in the first 180 days. Read more about using this tool at  Operating Agreement

One link : This tool eases the work of affiliate who become members of amazon affiliate sites of various countries. Amazon have their online portals in 17 countries and the list is given above. The one link facility is available for countries-United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan. If affiliate want to earn an affiliate income internationally they have to join as an affiliate for each country. Then they can use this tool to get universal link for all those sites and earn affiliate commission. Affiliates get commission even when visitors purchase products from any country through this link. Visitors are redirected to their home or local or nearest market portal through this link. Their they can purchase products in their own currency. Affiliates need not worry about international visitors even when they are on other amazon market place and try to purchase. All is need is the visitor have landed on the amazon site through affiliate link in the first place and one link does the rest. OneLink allows better shopping experience for your customers, and better conversion rates for you. As this one link is a great tool to affiliate we request you to read more about it at tool features

Amazon affiliate advertising fee structure:

Affiliate earn different advertising fee for different products. The fee is country specific for affiliates. At amazon USA market place affiliate can earn as high as 10% for luxury, beauty and amazon coins and and as low as 1% for Amazon Fresh, Physical Video Games & Video Game Consoles, Grocery, Health & Personal Care. The whole list is given below.

fee Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
affiliate fee at Amazon USA

Affiliate get special program fee for bounty events and for subscriptions. See the details at amazon associate USA fee structure

Affiliate Success Strategies
Success tips to follow

Now that affiliate is familiar with Amazon associate central policies, product linking, promotions and tools, now is the time to understand tips to become a successful affiliate. Tips are

  • Decide the niche product to promote: Choose the product on which you have command or gain knowledge about the product.
  • Create smashing content on the product. The content should cover details about the product, price comparisons, reviews from live buyers.
  • Choose a relevant domain name, reliable host and the blogging platform.
  • write a post or page on the product details with extensive information useful to the customer to make a buy decision
  • publish the article
  • promote the article to search engines, directories, social media, guest posts, forums, emails and others
  • Write reviews on products you promote. Promote the post or page to review sites. It is a very good idea to drive traffic. Test the product yourself before writing a review or study the details of the product and check from others who reviewed the product.

Avoid these mistakes

  • Do not shorten affiliate links. Use Amazon tool to shorten link but not external methods
  • Do not violate amazon’s affiliate policies. Read and implement
  • Every one like results. Amazon too. Do not even apply to amazon associate program, if you are not sure of the niche products to promote. 6 months of non productive affiliate looses the affiliate status
  • Do not mention prices of the product manually. Use dynamic updating tools given by Amazon.
  • Do not create multiple amazon affiliate accounts for the same country. Your affiliate status will be banned
  • Do not use affiliate links in emails. They become offline promotion. Amazon doesn’t like this. Promote affiliate links through an article and send them to visitors through E mails.
  • Avoid using affiliate links in any offline promotions like PDF’s,press news and free ebook offers
  • not buy products for yourself through your affiliate links
  • do not create affiliate links for many products. Choose few.
  • do not dump content with affiliate links. Search engines does not like it.

More about don’ts at common mistake

Successful associates earn a 6 figure income. It is not by default they become successful, it is constant effort, hard work, dedication and diligence. Few successful amazon affiliates and sites

amazon-affliates Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
What to know about amazon affiliate program

How to create an amazon store with affiliate links?

We have already understood how to add amazon links in a post or page using amazon associate tools. We can also develop exclusive amazon affiliate store using the following techniques.

If you have time and interested in developing the store from using amazon tools the best way is to select products from product link page and paste it on you store page or use native ads tool. under native ad tool, use custom ad tool to create products for your store page. You can create 4 products in one row. Develop individual rows that suits your page to make a store

Use auto build plugins to create amazon stores. Some of them are free and few premium plugins demand a price tag. Even free versions have pro options with extended features

Free Plugins

  1. Amazon Auto links: This plug in picks up products from category list at amazon and this plugin display all products under that category on your post page. Your associate id is tagged to each link. If you are familiar with php, html and css coding you can create your own store templates and much more.
  2. Easyazon: With features to create a powerful amazon store. Similar to other automated plugins.
  3. Amazon simple admin: Supports Amazon PA API 5.0. Supports all country amazon stores if you are a registered affiliate. They have a promotion with additional features.

Paid plugins and auto amazon store developers:

  • Amazon Affiliate for wordpress: AAWP creates text links, single or multiple product boxes, best seller product lists, new releases, product information data including current price and buy button, comparison tables. 30 days money back guarantee
  • azon press: Create product tables, comparison tables, geo targeting product list build Single site licence is $39 to unlimited licence $159

Auto amazon store developers

amazon-blogs-2 Amazon Affiliate Program Information Discussed In Detail
Top Amazon Affiliate Blogs

10 Amazon affiliate blogs motivates new affiliates

  • Car Seat Owners: A stay at home father interested in car care started this blog.. Estimated monthly organic search visitors 1177 per month. Concentrating on car safety, gained authority on cars, this blog belongs to a small amazon associate
  • Best roof box: again a car related blog concentrating on Product Reviews, Buyers Guides. How-to Guides, Product Comparisons. This blog is worth around 35000 dollars as on March 2020. Traffic estimation is about 1228 per month.
  • Consumer search: this is a blog is worth 44 million dollars, with monthly visitors around 1.10 millions. They promote Home & Garden, Fitness & Sports, Technology, Family & Pets, Health & Beauty, Kitchen as an amazon affiliate
  • Baby Care Lab: Mums and children love this site. It is all about babies. Started by Juliet Spurrier, MD, Founder & Mom-in-Chief, BabyGearLab. In her own words about baby care lab

As Mom-in-Chief here, I personally oversee all of our reviews to assure we deliver on our mission to create the best baby product reviews in the world.

with 179 thousand visitors every month this is an authority site about child care.

  • Snapsort: This affiliate website is different from sites mentioned above. Unlike other affiliate sites where they concentrate on content and build the products around the content. . Here they collect specifications on products and develop comparison charts to drive the traffic to make a purchase decision. Their strategy is simple small content less than 100 words but real spec, comparisons and reviews.
  • Best reviews: It is an organization owned by Tribune Publishing (NASDAQ:TPCO), which operates newsrooms in 9 markets with titles including the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, The Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, Virginia’s Daily Press and Virginian-Pilot. They helped 274,547,029 consumers make their purchasing decisions as on 2/09/2020 time IST. They do reviews in a systematic may through product specialists, buyers reviews
  • Head Phone addicts: As the name indicates this site is started by music lovers, audiophiles, headphone fans. The experts involve in the reviews are James,  sound engineer, Justin a free lance consultant, Matija, who loves tech in general but mainly how to get the good sound out of home systems and headphones.
  • Gift idea Geek:  Andrew in Denver, Colorado tossed on unique gift niche. A small blog. Each post length not exceeding 1000 words. Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron is a most popular gift.
  • Best covery: This affiliate amazon site covers auto to baby and kids. Different product and category range. Their tag line is ‘Discover the best of everything’. Their article length usually will be 4000 to 6000 words. They have monthly visitors of 15 k. Source
  • Kid tablets with wifi: A grand looking affiliate site. Lovely look and informative content. Which parent does not love offering best products to their children? The answer is this fabulous site. I fell in love when I saw it. When idg mor into it I like it more. Necessity is the mother of invention – This is true when I read about the the founder of this site Tony. small posts of 400 to 400 words with great information and. reviews on kids tablets. The visitor can confidently make a buy decision.

Facts about amazon affiliate program

  • Amazon affiliate program started in 1996
  • Two million affiliates on
  • Do you have 100,000-500,000 followers on various social media platforms? If so try to become a influencer!
  • When the customer reaches amazon for a purchase through an affiliate link a cookie is generated and the cookie remains for 24 hour. The visitor can come back and make a purchase with in 24 hours. The affiliate gets commission. On the other hand if the visitor add a product to the cart and don’t buy right away, the cookie remains for 90 days. With in that time if the purchase is made affiliate get commision
  • Amazon US market share is 49%. Retail Spent is 5% . Other competitors eBay is at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9% and Walmart at 3.7%.
  • Product range at amazon is 12 million products
  • Prime members of amazon in USA is 95 millions
  • 50% of amazon products come from third party sellers
  • 90% of people who search a product on competitors site still buy at amazon because of its competitive pricing, fast shipping, brand name and reliable customer service.

Source to the above facts big commerce – amazon statistics