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Which Gaming Laptop Or Desktop To Choose?

Look at GPU and CPU capabilities for gaming hybrid PC and desktops

gaming-ld Which Gaming Laptop Or Desktop To Choose?

Gaming  laptops as the name implies require a powerful, multitasking graphic card (GPU) and powerful CPU. CPU  also called as central processing unit is considered the heart of the computer. It is very important to choose the right RAM. Processor and graphic card while choosing any  a laptop for playing games.  Normally CPU can not be upgraded once you buy a laptop instead of a desktop  and thus take care before purchasing.

The central processing unit (CPU) performs one task at a time, Today there are multi CPU systems performing different tasks simultaneously called duel core, quad core  (4 core) and upto 28 core. It means 1 chip with multi tasking facility. The more powerful CPU is the more power to the user. It will have higher price tag. Graphic card is next important component in the gaming computer.  The graphic card releases the CPU’s space for other tasks speeding up the computer performance. There are two types of Graphic processing units., the integrated graphic card that shares CPU’s memory and the other is a discrete GPU that has its own card and memory.

CPU performs sequential processing and GPU performs multi-tasking simultaneously.

Both are critical components forplaying technology in laptops. Which is more important is decided by the type  of game. 

Games that decides the importance of CPU and GPU

  • CPU intense games: Games that require artificial intelligence (AI) functionality, with non-player characters (NPC).
  1. first-person shooters (FPS): Games like Call of Duty, Black Ops 4
  2. multiplayer games: These games require 4 core processor (intel i5) or AMD Ryzen R5. Games like (MMORPG) World of Warcraft require require 4 core, 8 threads intel or 8 core, 8 threads AMD.
  • GPU intense games:
  1. Both the giant sandbox action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Battle royale wunderkind Fortnite Battle Royale require NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB. built for fast 1080p games.

Guide to gaming convertible laptop and desktop selection

Consider a good CPU and GPU, A good keyboard. Upgradable RAM and storage. Look for a resolution of 1920 x 1080 for a display of 144Hz. Battery life should not be less than 8 hours.

For entry level gamers choose GTX 1650 or RX 5500M. The cost of these entry level game laptops will be around $800 to $1000/-

Mainstream Gaming: Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2060 is a good selection for mid level enthusiasts. The above configuration is the minimum standard for virtual reality, so it’s the lowest you should go for your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive( more at PC mag). Chose RX 5600M if you are going for AMF product. These AI gadgets will cost you between $1,100 (£1,000) and $1,500 (£1,350).

High level VR gamers: RTX 2070, RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti are the most powerful and offers you special effects under 20-series cards. Play 4k games and blu ray traced games with these effective gadgets. They cost you anywhere between $2500/- to $3000/ range.

Are gaming hybrids safe to use – pros and cons?

  • Some report say 1 to 4 hours of gaming will not do any harm to adults. More time spent on video games or gaming in general will lead to health issues. Even 1 to 4 hours play continuous play is not advised.
  • But American Academy of Pediatrics restricts the gaming time to 30 to 60 minutes per day on school days and 2 hours or less on non- school days
  • World health organisation says that depression, anxiety, stress, obesity, sleeping disorders result due to excess gaming periods.
  • Various researches revealed the adverse effects of playing video games. They say samers may suffer from hallucinations, enuresis, encopresis, wrist pain and neck pain

On the positive side of gaming is good for shorter time span. Experts say that interactive video games improve memory, and cognitive skills. But regular players may have less grey matter in their hippocampus which is a major part of the brain associated with cognition

Gaming laptop trends

Gaming laptop market is growing rapidly. This is because of increasing internet usage, and commercialization of gaming. More over laptops acquired all the technical capabilities to play video games to that of traditional way of gaming console.

Market Scenario

Virtual reality (VR) is the technology used for gaming laptops and market for VR headsets are increasing day by day. Virtual reality simulates the brain and gamers will have life like experience through the combination of VR hardware and software. The big brands in this VR market are

  • Acer Inc. (Taiwan): Their gaming laptops Acer Predator 15 and 17 are good choice for gaming. With Nvidia G-sink technology, 15.6 inch FHD, 300hz/3 ms square GTG response, it is the ultimate in gaming.
  • AsusTek Computer Inc. (Taiwan): ASUS is established in 1989 and it is a Taiwan company. They are known for computer motherboards and gaming laptops. Their products include TUF and ROG laptops and desktops. The products famous for gaming are ROG-Zephyrus-series and ASUS-TUF-Gaming-series
  • Dell Inc. (U.S.): New G3 series are the latest gaming laptops from Dell and the pricing is competitive.
  • MSI (Taiwan): A chinese company, Their gaming laptop series are raider razer series and GT 76 series..
  • EVGA Corporation (U.S.): EVGA Corporation is an American computer hardware company that produces Nvidia-GPU-based video cards as well as Intel-chipset-based motherboards. Introducing the first ever laptop that is 100% designed in house by EVGA, the EVGA SC17 1070 Gaming Laptop. This new 4K ready, high performance laptop was meticulously created from the ground up for the hardcore gamer, performance enthusiast, and even overclocker.

Acer Inc. is the leader in gaming laptop market

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Source: MRFR Analysis

It has been observed that North America and other developed countries like Mexico, New York have larger number of gamers and accounts for the largest share in the global gaming laptop market. Developing countries like China, Taiwan, South Korea and India in continuously growing in sharing gaming laptop market. Hardcore gamers are plenty in countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

Which one is better for gaming – desktop or laptop:

Desktop gives better performance and upgradable. The only difference is portability. Laptops are easily portable and gamers can use them anywhere anytime. Gaming laptops are built with more power and performance they can be used both for gaming, business and personal emailing. They can be used by all sections of people including the students for college work, professionals for work intensive tasks.

Popular laptop and desktop games:

Popular PC games:

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Developers of PC or Desktop Games:

Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) projected the gaming industry is growing and estimated the growth at 12% during 2020-2024. From $120 billions in 2020 the growth will be around $190 to $200 billion. The following is a partial list of gaming software developers:

  1. Nintendo: Established in 1980, Nintendo is in Redmond, Washington. Popular games of Nintendo switch are BURNOUT PARADISE and ORI AND THE WILL OF THE WISPS.
  2. Rockstar Games: A New York based company, Rockstar Games, is established in 1998. The popular games released by this company is Red Dead Redemption II and Bully. The worst game is Smuggler’s Run released in 2000.
  3. Sony Computer Entertainment: Sony Interactive Entertainment, formerly known as Sony Computer Entertainment, is a multinational video game and digital entertainment company wholly owned by Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation.
  4. Microsoft Corporation: With the rampant increase of gamers and the gaming industry in the wake of virtual and augmented reality, Microsoft, Sony and even Apple & Google have entered the gaming business. Microsoft announced its latest gaming console Xbox Series X along with xCloud. The popular microsoft gaming series are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Official Gear
  5. Overflow: 0verflow is a video game company located in Japan. Their gaming series are into interactive fiction. Star shelter, a game to ‘survive in space‘, Conductor games are ‘control of a locomotive‘ and abode is all about ‘escaping the room’.

Gaming software News makers

Gaming is always an inspiration. Let me mention a small story of two young boys from Sweden. . They were together from the age of six playing games like other children. They were eager to find something new, an innovation, on remote controlled vehicles. Their interest transpired passion and they together decided to develop video games. That began a company called ‘Overflow

overflowduo Which Gaming Laptop Or Desktop To Choose?

They have spent 14 years as friends trying to find out perfect product on gaming. One day samuel showed interest in making gaming software and Jonathan happily accepted the proposal They started together producing great games and still on with those products.. A hobby became a paid job and up to this day they have released 7 games.

  • Activision Blizzard is the richest game company, with a revenue of $29.23 Billion.
  • The most successful and profitable video game ever is Grand Theft Auto V: Grand Theft Auto V. In 2013, the video game has sold 90 million units, bringing in an estimated $6 billion in revenue — more than any other movie, book, or video game in history.
  • The very rare game on the internet is supposed be “Gamma Attack” (Atari 2600). Only one cartridge was produced and sold by the company Gammation.
  • Big Rigs was listed as one of the worst games ever made by GameSpot and Computer and Video Games. After declaring it the “worst game ever made” in a “Games You Should Never Buy” segment, X-Play’s Morgan Webb refused to rate Big Rigs as their scale went from only 1 to 5.
  • Under the longest game list were ‘The Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II and Rise of the Witch King’.

To sum up the article

Gaming laptops or desktops have huge market potential today as the hardcode gamers are increasing in all countries. Amazon is the right shopping portal to choose gaming laptops from various brands. As long as gaming is a hobby and not a addiction, it is good. 3 to 4 hours of gaming with regular intervals does not do any harm to players. Youngsters will improve their analytical skills if they play games on computers under supervision. Gaming laptops range from $800 to $3000 depending on the level of players. Frequently played games on PC or console are Call of Duty, Black Ops 4.