Senior Citizens Health & Psychological Issues

Senior Citizens and Children  are Alike in Their Behavior

The care mother takes towards her new born till certain age is to be continued towards senior  citizens (old people) after some age till the end. The seniors and the children behave and act alike. The only difference is the new born behavior is due to  lack of understanding the reasons and the senior citizens refuse to understand.

To manage senior citizens is more difficult than managing children. We can use use different methods like explaining the situation, cajoling, wooing, scolding and commanding to mold a child but none of them will workout with seniors. Seniors are elders to us and normally uncontrollable unless they them self realize the facts.

senior citizens
Issues with Senior Citizens

Normal health issues with healthy senior citizens

Senior citizens with normal health can be defined as old people without blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart and kidney problems. Their only problem will be normal aging and psychological. Normal decay of body functions will cause a lot of anxiety in them. They will be active mentally like in their youth and want to behave like young people do but their body will not permit. Suddenly they realize that they are becoming old and go to depression.

Second most common problem is loneliness. Most workaholic seniors will face this problem after retirement. Suddenly they loose interest in life because they is no work to do. There is no office or colleagues to talk and share  their ideas. At home they will not have any one one with them to talk to since the grown up children will go for work and the young will go to schools and otherwise.

Health Issues with general senior citizens

General senior citizens will have health problems other than general aging and loneliness. There are many aging problems they face. Few of them are

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • bone breaking
  • obesity
  • anxiety
  • sleeplessness
  • digestion
  • constipation
  • aches

Senior Citizens are natural children