Health Information Providers Say Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Health information providers recommend gaining Knowledge of diseases before they become incurable

We are health information providers on various health topics. As information providers, we also covered many other topics apart from health-related. This health information will equip readers with formal information on health topics –  common disease, killer disease, and silent killers. We tried to give basic information on those topics so that the reader will understand the cause, symptoms, and cure for these diseases. With this understanding, they can either prevent or cure it with a simple treatment before it is too late.  We offer links to various real-time health information news (News Feeds) and useful links to know in-depth about those health-threatening disease.  We offer audiovisual where ever necessary on health care that will engage the hungry audience for information. Health Information is the basic need for everyone to build their cherished healthy living.

Why one should know about the dangerous disease:

The simple answer is to prevent the disease at the root or take medication before it is too late. A common disease like flu may end up in complicated pneumonia and a chest pain in heart stroke. We all claim that we are busy and no time to breathe extra than required. Forget about exercises, yoga, and meditation, we have no time to take a sip of coffee leisurely before rushing to the office. Today at least 90% of the population is below the poverty line and unless all family members work they cannot make both ends meet. Where the time for health care& health check-up.

An old quote ‘ A healthy body will have the healthy mind’. True

health information providers

Health-related issues are categorized into the common disease, silent killers, and killer disease. The common disease is not dangerous but lack of knowledge about them is dangerous.  In order to prevent these disease from becoming fatal, you will be well-informed about the symptoms, cause, and cure here in this article. These curable diseases become deadly if not identified and prevented in advance.

Silent killers like diabetes and hypertension will not show any visible symptoms in the early days. They will only show up symptoms like quick tiredness, giddiness, unusual thirst, frequent urination. If you are not cautious of these symptoms, the disease becomes fatal and you may end up in ICU. These deadly disease attack kidneys, heart, eyes, and every possible organ. We provide enough information on these silent killers so that they will consult their family physicians and get periodic clinical checkups to prevent danger well in advance. Do not neglect them is our advice to our audience. We try to cover women related common health issues like acne, pelvic to develop confidence in them and give them easy tips to cure them instead of worrying and getting into more problems. We provide information on killer disease like bird flu, rabies normally caused by animals, flies.



Negligence caused a life:

My brother was 14 years younger to me. He was healthy and active until the age of eight. As the age advances, he was getting tired often. Every day he looks tired as soon as he comes from school. We all thought he was kidding and finding an excuse for evening studies. My father wanted him to take up medical profession and insisted my brother to work harder and overtime amounting to added stress for further studies after school. This strenuous work schedule continued for long. He stood first in the pre-medical education. To join medical profession he has to go through a physical fitness test. During the test, the officers suspected that he was hypertensive. My father with his influence managed the fitness routine and got him a seat in medicine. This negligence resulted in kidney failure in my brother, followed by the kidney transplant. After the transplant, he was highly stressed and unhappy. It complicated and worsened his health and resulted in the loss of life.

That was the time I realized the value of advance information on health care and advising my known and unknown the same The Common disease like flu if neglected turn into pneumonia if not prevented early. We may not notice the cause of frequent tiresomeness and heavy thirst during our prime youth and this may lead to the attack of a ‘silent killer’ like hypertension or diabetes. Hypertension, diabetes, cancer are hereditary related diseases. Mad dog bite results in rabies another deadly symptom and results in death. Acne is a common worry to women and it can be well controlled with simple steps. and pelvic (common pain and a sign for normal function of reproductive organs), but if it persists it is a serious issue and needs doctors attention.

Prevention is better than Cure – Few Examples from health Information providers

Prevention is better than cure because preventive measures are cheap and affordable and cure involves treatment and pinches the purse.

  • Stop smoking and save yourself from tuberculosis, mouth cancer
  • Avoid fatty and oily foods, save yourself from memory loss, increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart attacks
  • Eat more green vegetables,fiber-rich food and help yourself from constipation.
  • Avoid chlorinated water intake and save people from disabilities
  • Avoid mosquitos with mosquito nets and save everyone from Malaria, elephantiasis and many flies related disease.
  • Avoid speedy vehicle riding and save a life from fractures or death
  • Take vaccination as prescribed to avoid polio
  • Take buttermilk and small quantities of water in summer and save people from sunstroke
  • Save nature and ecosystems thus saving humanity from the rath solar system

Many people will not follow the wise advice and they like to go for medication and treatment and not following preventive methods. Sugar or diabetic patients like to take insulin than avoiding sweets. few love oily fried food than green vegetables as substitutes. I know few of my known people telling that they are smoking from their young age but never had a cough. There is no answer for this logic. Those people who are not affected by irrational and avoidable items they are lucky. All cannot be lucky. Beware, be wise and be practical. 


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