What To Write In My Blog Post Today?

I identified my confusion and segregated them into points and decided what to write?

when confused

Today when I attempt to write a blog post I am confused. I am confused about “What to write” today and  

  • ‘Write about’ the topic? What points to touch upon?
  • Will this topic add value to users?
  • Why should people come and see my topic when many similar topics are displayed on Google search?
  • How other bloggers get ideas?
  • What inspires a writer?
  • How should I get inspired?

Finally, I decided to write a blog post that will answer all the questions above. I strongly felt that sometimes during blogging, all writers novice and experts will end up in this confusion. 

In search of topic content recorded examples of similar problems that popular writers faced”, I came across an interesting post on “Writing- Ancient History”, The post says that writing is a physical manifestation of speech.  This article has no relevance to my current topic, It is an offshoot interesting point of my search. During a search for a topic, you encounter irrelevant topics in the first 10 results that frustrates you. More on this topic is at Writing – Ancient History.

Whenever I think of topics for my blog post, I end up in deciding on a niche topic. To me, every topic is ‘niche’ so long as it offers useful and engaging information to the viewers. Out of ignorance, I once considered niche topic is a topic written on high paying keywords. It is true only for those who concentrate on earning money through their keyword marketing. Here again content and traffic matters. Great content out beating competitors content is worth trying topic on a high paying keywords. Topics on high paying keywords do earn income but the writer has to have a thorough knowledge of the subject and the information must help visitors to get more valuable information than their competitors.  The best bet is writing an article on long tail keywords with less competition for ranking.

To support the above paragraph let me explain. ‘Health’ is a niche keyword but if you attempt ranking a topic for this, it will be a herculean task. Professional doctors, corporate hospitals, compete for this keyword. Instead, if you try on a topic concentrating on a keyword ‘health and wellness to poor sanitary areas’ may be a better topic. 

First, do a research on search volumes on topics and then decide the niche. If the search volume is high for a particular topic chance are their visitors look into your article. On the other hand, very little search volume for a keyword may be the most needed topic people are looking for, nor popular keywords.

When there is nothing to write about as a blog post read other popular posts and get inspired then you will know what to write?

I read the following quotes today to gear up to write an article.

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me – carol_burnett

Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.” —Walt Whitman

Do we need motivation? Yes, we do. All will have depressed moments when we fail in our attempt. But we forget the famous saying that ‘failures are stepping stones for success’. Get motivated every day.  Even under greatest stress do not leave attempting. Make it a habit to work hard till it becomes a hobby. Getting up and going to walk in the morning is difficult. Our physical body loves to be lazy. But if you regularly practice going for walk, it becomes a hobby over a period of time and it becomes a hobby. Believe me, you will start loving it.

How do bloggers get ideas on what to write? 

I strongly believe that few people think, organize and write well. These skills are natural to them. Few others acquire these skills through constant practice.  But unless one has an inclination and passion for writing, they can not become writers. I read an article today on ‘ 10-things-about-mini-pcs-you-should-consider-before-buying’ by Mr. Mihir Patkar, a freelance writer on technology and life hacks. He writes on makeuseof.com. It is a well-articulated article. Well structured and well informed. I am very much impressed. I request everyone read the article and learn the art of writing. I understand from the same site that this person wrote 1042 articles to his credit. The other blogger I adore is Mr. Amit Aggarwal, the iconic Indian blogger. He is hardworking, knowledgeable on technical topics.

Why should visitors come to my blog post when they have many options on search?

Visitors will not come to an unknown blog post. Their first preference will be to a popular blog post on the topic they are searching for. Google search results will not show your blog post on the first 10 displayed on the first page if it does not contain smashing content. So write engaging, informative content with new points that are not published elsewhere to become a popular blogger. It is possible only when you keep writing regularly, following the great style of other bloggers until you develop your own style and brand. Read in-depth to acquire command on subject, skills, and style.

What inspires a writer?

Interest in writing is a great inspiration. Hard work and regular practice is perfection. Offering useful content is popularity. 

I am inspired today by hard effort and reading the above quotes and articles.  Inspiration is something that comes from within yourself. When it will allow you to write a great article is unknown. I know many of my friends including me have many ideas to share in the form of articles with a friend but lack the technique to put them on paper. Perhaps article writing is an art to learn and science to understand. But over a period of time, like a cocoon becoming a butterfly, an idiotic writer can become an expert. 

Read articles in these blogs when you are confused.

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