What is An Interactive Voice Response System? Benefits of IVR In Pharmacies?

Definition of an interactive voice response system – IVR Systems

IVR systems or Interactive voice response system is an advanced communication technology where humans and computers interact with each other using DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency signaling and voice tones. Through interactive voice response (IVR) customers interact with a company’s host system through mobile phone keypad or through voice.

IVR systems are very useful to pharmacies apart from other fields like mobile shop, banking services, retail sales, utilities, travel information.


interactive voice response system

Benefits Of Having An IVR System

Pharmacies can get surprisingly busy and it stands to reason that the bigger the city the pharmacy is in or the more customers a specific pharmacy has, the more phone calls they will get. This can be very distracting when attempting to fill and process orders. If the pharmacist is distracted by constantly ringing phones, it stands to reason they may also be lacing their customers in jeopardy. This is why a pharmacy ivr systems may be needed, for those pharmacies who only have time to answer questions which cannot be answered automatically. Here are some of the benefits one can hope to see when they implement such a system.

1. The production within the pharmacy will increase exponentially when the phone is not ringing off of the hook for what seems like every minute of the day. By reducing the need to stop and answer the phone, the pharmacy ivr systems allow the staff to truly concentrate on the work that lays before them instead of becoming sloppy due to lack of focus.

2. These types of systems add a truly “do it yourself” approach to prescription refills. If the system is not automated, then what happens is the staff must answer the phone and take down the information for every single order which comes in. When the system IS automated, however, the customer can simply punch in the prescription number using the keypad on their phone. It could not be any simpler.

It goes without saying that implementing such a type of software is not only smart but it is also critical to maintain a foothold in today’s marketplace. To enter into or to try to stay in, today’s business world without being as automated as possible is like shooting oneself in the foot on purpose. It just does not make any sense.