Indian Politics – Two Decades of Scams – Unhealthy Politicians – What is the Solution?

Ruling parties in India – The present circumstances – My observations

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India is undergoing a political turmoil. With the price hike on every commodity, abnormal behavior of the politicians, surmountable scam cases on all parties, communal unrest, unnatural growth of new regional parties, no clear and concrete mandate by any party – No leader to give a concrete direction. Why we have come to this situation. Let us introspect and improve of quality of thinking for a better India

What Does This information Mean to the Country

This scam list shows that politicians are corrupt at every level. Corruption is common in every state. Politicians feels that they positions are insecure and they are not caring to be sincere. With in a their 5 years tenure they want to earn as much as possible to safeguard their future. They are not confident to get elected for next session or they want the money to save them from investigations if their opponents come to power next time.

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Constitution revamp is essential for better India

Constitution was written 60 years back when the standards are high among politicians and the same will not work with deteriorated standards. The Government orders will be so structured that everyone can interpret to their benefit. No stringent rules to curb corruption nor punish the corrupted. Even with substantial evidence of corruption the culprits are safe and free to move. They can contest, influence and get away. Ruling parties with majority can do anything like divide a state, release a corrupted college, put a person in prison, initiate an investigate, make few popular and few unpopular

There are Good Politicians Fighting to Curb Corruption
There are very great politicians in the past and in the present political arena. They are constantly fighting to curb corruption, uplift the downtrodden, educate the voters about the value of vote and its power, try to motivate the fellow politicians to come out of their fears. They are constantly trying to save democracy.

Solutions for this Stale Mate

Today’s democracy is in stale mate. The solution for this situation is to select

  • clean leader
  • exercise vote to deserved without fear or favor
  • elect who can truly represent the voter in the house
  • elect who can curb corruption
  • if no choice express the same by exercising negative vote

What India Needs Now

  • A stable Government with full Mandate
  • Consensus among all leader on growth plans
  • Methods to bring price hike on commodities, utility services
  • gain confidence of people at large

Public expectations on how fast India can grow have swung from irrational optimism to utter despondency

Can Politicians Answer This Question?

Political leaders always project conflicting growth records to save their face in the election season. How will they answer a question ‘What will it take to push the average growth rate by two percentage points over the next two or three decades?’

Political leaders always project conflicting growth records to save their face in the election season. How will they answer a question ‘What will it take to push the average growth rate by two percentage points over the next two or three decades?’

  • More than a Dozen Scams on the Previous Government Sleeves
  • Chopper Gate Scam: Many politicians and defense personnel are involved as accepted bribes for supply of 12 AgustaWestland AW101 helicopters to India.
  • Coal Scam also called Coal gate involving the Prime Minister and his office for allocating country’s coal deposits to public and private sector companies by Prime Minister.
  • Rail Gate Scam involving Railway Ministers nephew for allegedly accepting a bribe from a member of the Indian Railway Board, in exchange of getting a higher ranking position on the Railway Board.
  • Tatra Truck Scam involving officials of Bharat Earth Movers Ltd (BEML), in bribes and commissions over the past 14 years in the purchase of components
  • Antrix Devas Deal involving former ISRO chairman and three other scientists who were responsible for a controversial contract between Antrix Corporation and Devas Multimedia Private Limited.
  • 2G Spectrum Scam is the largest financial scams in the country,involving telecom minister for allocating 2G licenses and cell phone subscriptions
  • CWG Scam is the only scam that attracted the whole media worldwide just a day after the conclusion of the Games, the Center announced formation of a special committee to probe allegations of corruption and mismanagement against the Organizing Committee (OC).
  • Fodder Scam:Known as the mother of all scandals involving Bihar Chief Minister Lalu and the case is going on till two decades in the town of Chaibasa, Bihar.
  • Stock Market Scam involving stock broker Ketan Parekh from Mumbai,who allegedly did circular trading with many companies, including Global Trust Bank and Madhavpura Mercantile Co-operative Bank.
  • High Tech. Scam involving Satyam Computers and its Managing Directore Ramalinga Raju, the biggest scam ever to hit India’s IT sector swindling the companies balance sheets.
  • Securities Scam also called Big Bull, scam involving stock broker Harshad Mehta engaged in a massive stock manipulation.
  • Bofors Scam that took place between 1980s and 1990s had stirred a big controversy in the country. The Ex Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and several others were accused of receiving kickbacks from the now defunct Swedish arms company Bofors AB for claring a contract to supply India’s 155 mm field howitzer
  • Adarsh Housing society scam: In this scam the was converted into a 31-storey highrise building for private parties.
  • Hawala scam is the most dangerous transaction by Jain brothers to Kashmir terrorists outfits.It is highest unethical scam the country can dream of. An estimated amount of 1000crores scam was involved
  • Cash-for-votes scandal: This scam is ever green. From municiapal elections to general elections politicians are buying votes from voters by offering money wine, products. There is no way this scam can be stopped. This scam is common is among high ranked politicians.
  • Bellary Mining Scam: Gali brothers from karnataka . the mining mafia dons are associated with this scam and heavy payoffs are made to karnataka (the then) chief minister BS Yeddyurappa, for offering mining contracts to the Gali brothers in Obulapuram mining company, in Bellary.
  • A chit fund scam called Saradha Group scam is money swindling through fake,financial schemes in West Bengal.
  • Taj Corridor case:In this scandal former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati and Nasimuddin Siddiqui her college were charged with corruption.
  • Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam:A health related scam involving top politicians and bureaucrats siphoning out Rs10,000 crore from the National Rural Health Mission, a central government scheme. This amount is side tracked to the beneficiaries which was originally meant for health care delivery in rural areas.
  • Corpene deal scam is the India’s biggestt bribery scandals, in which Rs500 crore is alleged to have been paid to government decision makers by Thales, the makers of the Scorpene submarine.
  • Scams apart millions of unaccounted money in unsolicited sources across the world. Power to bring back that money for nation’s growth