Why Democracy in Its True Sense is Vanishing in Indian Government?

Democracy is misinterpreted and misunderstood

Democracy is defined by experts in many ways. Few say democracy is ‘by the people – for the people and of the people’, few others say ‘Democracy is a system of government by chosen representatives of the people’. What ever is the definition of democracy, it is the voice of ruling political party that becomes a law, an order, and an irrevocable decision in the parliament and decides the fate of the people at large. If the chosen leaders are selfish, unethical and does not think of national integrity and growth, will not care for peoples sentiments, urge and cry, will do injustice to the people who chose them as their representatives.

family politics

But why political leaders in many countries are misusing the powers given by democratic norms? Majority of leaders are selfish, insecure and ethical illiterates. On the other hand people who vote and elect them lack basic knowledge about the value of the vote. Some times they are left with no other option except to choose between the bad and worse. So both, people and the chosen leaders are equally responsible for violating the democratic principles. The present situation requires many changes in the constitution (constitutional amendments) and a great degree of education is required for both political leaders and voters alike. Majority of the countries opted democracy to dictator rule and when democracy is at their door steps they misuse it. Let us introspect and change the situation for true democracy. Understand the real spirit of democracy and save democracy.

Open mike is dynastic politics destroying Indian politics

Princes continue to rule the States of India says NV Krishnakumar in an article in The Hindu Business Line continues saying that political dynasties are destroying democracy in emphasizing the point that ‘Dynastic dispensation has overrun the body politic, edging out democracy and moral fibre in equal measure’

Reasons for democratic turmoil In India
As a common spectator, watching democracy in India for many years, I feel that democracy will not survive in India a long time. Today’s democracy is not democracy at all. It is a kind of dictatorship by family groups. Instead of kings and emperors, families are ruling the country both at the center and at states. In India, people’s voice has no importance at all. People have no choice except to get yielded to money or other attractions. Money power and muscle power is ruling the land.

Few predominant reasons:

Majority of citizens in India are still from villages and lack real political knowledge. They hear a hype speech from a politician or watch an emotional interview in a media or brainwashed or threatened by local leader and caste their vote to a certain section of people. Politicians turn the voters to their side by hook or crook.

Caste, creed base politics is running the present democracy. Voters are virtually divided in groups based on caste. Community based parties is very dangerous to any country. Criminal record does not stop people from contesting. If any party leader is blessed with money he can start a party any time even a month or two just before elections. In India there is no control over number of political parties. Political parties are taking birth like mushrooms. Neither we have any constitutional amendment, or law to control this growth. Only requirement to contest is money and muscle power.

No ethical values what so ever. No interest in people’s well being. No worry about country’s growth and prosperity. Money, money and money.

Few Words to Voters:

  • Avail the power as a valuable voter and vote impartially
  • Never vote for money or any other offers
  • cast you vote to the right person. If do not find any person in the list of candidates exercise your negative vote facility.
  • Spread the power of voting among masses. Ultimately you are that is the people are the one that decide the fate of India. Selection of leaders is in your hand. What ever gimmicks the politicians do is all before the election date. On the day of election the voter has to take a bold step and caste their vote to the right people.
  • Do not get away with a media announcement or politician’s speech or force. Watch every politician and carefully evaluate.
  • Do not give value to the election stunts and promises by the candidates.
  • Think beyond community, caste, creed and think only about the welfare of your fellow citizens and take a wise decision
  • Save democracy

How to Overcome the Stalemate In Indian Politics. India can come out of this democratic death to life if

  • Voters are educated.
  • Voters understand the power of the voting and vote to the deserved candidate without fear or favor.
  • Politician stop hopping from party to party and remain in the parent party and loyal to the voter that gave them the mandate.
  • Forget the communal differences and work unitedly for the welfare of people and save democracy.
  • Get constitutional amendments and get a two party system by law
  • Take severe action for misconduct, misbehavior, money laundering
  • Discourage media from too many political shows that confuses people
  • Let media conduct only healthy and wise political shows
  • Media being powerful let it understand its responsibility

What harm will multiple parties do to Democracy?

  • Multiple parties split votes
  • No party will get a clear mandate and unable to make decisions
  • Difficult to get consensus
  • Difficult to pass resolutions
  • Difficult to control and will lack discipline
  • Any one with least majority of people can hold power ,demand a huge care for nothing.
  • Increases regional feeling
  • widens the gap between masses
  • more expenditure and maintenance costs are not recommended