Different Gifts for all Occasions – Unique – Uncommon

Think of different gifts for near and dear – uncommon and unique Offering gifts for an occasion is common around the world. The occasion may be a birthday, special occasions like father’s day, mother’s day. public festivals like independence day, religious occasions like Christmas, a promotion in employment, bon-voyage and many to name. In the … Read more

Indian Blogger Inspires Blogging Community Since Decade

One Indian blogger a great Inspiration to me and great motivation  to many Amit Aggarwal, the well known buzz word in the blogging community since long is an Indian blogger.. As a fellow  Indian, I am proud to write a blog post about this icon blogger.  Needless to say that he is a professional tech. … Read more

Ad Sense explained in simpler terms for beginners

What – Why and How  Ad Sense explained for beginners? Ad Sense is cost per click ad network. It is a performance based ad network. Understanding all features of this amazing publisher’s paradise is out of scope in this article. Few features will definitely enhance the earning potential for new website owners. Ad Sense explained here  those … Read more

Page views improve ad revenue – not search or ad snippets

How page views improve ad revenue? which type of websites or blogs are benefited? Before going into “how page views improve ad revenue” let us define terms ‘page views’, ‘ad results’ and ‘search results’ Page Views: When ever your website page or blog post is displayed due to click on the search result it is called a … Read more

Time Management – Every Minute to Learn – When is the Time to Blog?

Time management techniques – Many tasks before and after blogging If you take blogging very seriously, give priority to time management. Serious bloggers have many tasks to do simultaneously and it is a never-ending process. The common excuse blogger say for an incomplete blog post tasks is ‘no time’ . ‘No time’  will not fit … Read more

10 Best Gifts to the Loved Once for Christmas and New Year

What is Gift? Why should you Gift? Gift is an appreciation in physical form for an occasion. Gifting is common practice in almost every country. Sending gift card for  occasions like birthday, wedding day, friendship day, fathers’ day, mothers’ day is  common. Gifting is also common for important national  days like independence day, black friday and … Read more