Eating Habits – Balanced Food – Healthy Living

Eating Habits  are personal but balanced food is what matters for healthy living

What ever  are the eating habits,balanced food is most important factor for healthy living. One can find different eating habits in different areas. They are personalized to the place of living, its environmental and cultural conditions. In India alone most of the south Indians eat rice items where as in North India they eat wheat items. Eating habits differ from country to country, from religion to religion, from age to age, from activity to activity. Americans like to eat Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Steak – English like roasted potatoes, meat, beef, lamb, roasted vegetables and so on. More on eating habits

Balance Food

It is important to identify which food item have what ingredients and what is important for healthy living. No matter what you eat as long as you eat balanced food. Balanced food is defined as ‘required nutrients, minerals, proteins, fats, fibers’ for  normal body function and healthy living.  Balanced food is not a weight loss or weight gain food techniques nor tasty food items that makes your mouth watery. Balanced food in terms of calorie requirement differ from men to women – age – place of living – environment. Balanced food is normally calculated in terms calories and calorie is an amount of energy stored in a food item. It is estimated that an average person requires 2000 calories to his daily activities like walking, sleeping, thinking and body functions.

As mentioned already the requirement of calories to a human being differs from sex, age, activity. An estimate report from U.S. Department of Agriculture says

  • children ages 2 to 8: 1,000 to 1,400
  • active women ages 14 to 30: 2,400
  • sedentary women ages 14 to 30: 1,800 to 2,000
  • active men ages 14 to 30: 2,800 to 3,000
  • sedentary men ages 14 to 30: 2,000 to 2,600
  • active men and women over 30: 2,200 to 3,000
  • sedentary men and women over 30: 1,800 to 2,200 (source
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Tips on eating habits

here is a lead to more information on balanced food for men,women, pregnant women, vegetarians, vegans.

Healthy Living

healthy living is a peaceful life without major health hazards and body discomforts. healthy living is controlling genetic disorders like diabetes, hypertension with good food habits and keeping fit. Healthy living is living without giving trouble to others at the old age with health problems. healthy living is living without anxiety, tension and worry. Healthy living is not troubling the troubles till they trouble you. Reading good books, spending time in a relaxed mood, meditation and regular exercise may improve quality of living in the stress filled polluted world.  It is not easy to live healthy without self discipline and control over mind.